Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Outside Europe

Shipping outside europe can only be done by registered mail or a parcel service with trackcode. for more info :

Shipping Prices

Shipping prices depends on how many records you want to buy.

We have different Shipment options wich you can adjust for each order.

This setting you can find at your profile/account page under the tablad "Shipment Options"

By Example :

a) If you want to buy 1 record you best choose the option "normal Prior" or "registered mail" ("registered mail" is the same as "normal Prior" but more secure as this will have a trackcode and you have to sign for the package.)

b) If you want to buy 2-5 records you will notice thathe option "Registered mail" can be cheaper as "Normal Prior" for some country's

c) If you want to buy a batch of records, between 6 - 23 records or even more you can choose the parcel transports as "Killopost" or "TNT Post" or "GLS Courier" or "Taxipost"


 Important : Normal Prior mail is without trackcode or insurance. K-Records is not responsible for any lost or damage to the package when the package is send out by normal prior mail. We do offer an insurance and a trackcode when the package is send out by registered mail or a parcel service.

Shipping outside europe can only be done by registered mail or a parcel service with trackcode.

for more info :

Google Conversion

To maximize the customers satisfaction we are using Google Conversion.
More Info:

Website Usage

This website and the samples on this website can only be used to create an order, backorder and preorder.
Abuse can be reported to the royalty company.

Reservations / On Hold Items

If the reservations / On Hold Items are not processed and paid within 7 days, we are forced to block your account until we have received the payment. If this occures 3 times your account will be blocked permanently and from that time on you need to pay in advance.

How To Process Reservations :

You have to login, go to 'My Account' then go to 'My Reserved Records'.
Here you will see your reservations. The click on the link 'Checkout' and follow the next steps.

Blocked Backorders

Blocked backorders are backorders which are already ordered with at of our distributors. These backorders can not be cancelled anymore. These backorders are reserved and shipped to us by our distributor.

We will receive them shortly and put them with your reservations / On Hold items when they arrive at our shop.

Payment methods

1 Wire Transfer from all European customers
Belgian Customers: KBC 401-9523361-16
European Customers: IBAN: BE72 4019 5233 6116
Our address: K-records
Waversesteenweg 5
2580 Putte
Our bank address: KBC Bank
Waverlei 4
2580 Putte

2 Visa, Mastercard, PayPal
We have incorporated the PayPal secure processing system into our website. You can use Visa, Mastercard, Amex...
You can process and pay your order directly. (Charges will be added). There is no need to have a PayPal account, you can use the system with your credit card only.

K-records is also present on the system. Click here to visit our store there.

4 Musicstack
K-records is also present on Click here to visit our store there.

5 Discogs
K-records is also present On Click here to visit our store there.

What Are Preorders ?

Preorders are items which have not been released yet but are already available to be ordered at our website. Preordening items is the best way to order :
1* we will have the products in stock on the releasedate unless shipping the products from our distributors to k-records is taking longer then expected.
2* You can be sure that you will have the first pressing with the orginal cover.

Do I have to pay VAT?

All Belgian and EU customers are charged with 21% VAT, all non-EU customers are free of VAT.

(EU Countries: Belgium, Netherlands,The, Luxembourg, Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, )

What are the shipping costs?

We have new prices and options since 01/06/2009

We ship worldwide and we use the options "Registered Mail, Taxipost, TNT, Normal Prior and Kilopost". You can change your shipping option on your 'My Account' page.

For Customers Inside Belgium : "We always use "Taxipost" Delivery withinh 24 hours after receiving payment and on working days only. Orders for delivery same week must be payed before 14h on thursdays.

For Customers Outside Belgium : When the order is more then 1 item we suggest to use "Registered Mail" (this option has a trackingcode and will be cheaper).

How To Order?

When you are registered on our site you can pick the records and add them to the shopping cart (you have to be logged in first). (Attention! Shopping cart items older then 1 day will be deleted, so if you want the records you have to check out or place them into you reservations.) When you are done you click checkout and choose your payment method.
You process and pay your order (see payment options).
You choose to put your records aside (on Reservation), to combine them with future orders. You must add new records in the upcoming 5 days, otherwise they will be canceled. This option is only possible if you placed an order in the last 2 months. (So not an option for new customers) Keep in mind that putting records on hold is the same as ordering them, if you refuse to take or cancel those records you will be charged with €5 (excl VAT)/vinyl administration costs if there is no immediate other customer in backorder. That amount will then be added to your account balance.

Special Requests

We are happy to take your special requests via email to Keep in mind that the newer items (released in the past few months) have a much higher chance of still being available from one of the many worldwide distributors we order from. You will be contacted via email when any of your special order requests become available.

Backorders / Out of Stock Items

Our real-time updating database ensures that you will receive the majority of items listed as In Stock at the time of your order. If an item is Out of Stock or not filled on your order, it will be automatically backordered unless you mail us to cancel the backorder via email. Backorders that came into your reservation list can not be cancelled anymore. Backorders are red marked on the website

Foreign orders

We are happy to accept orders from any foreign country. Packages will be shipped via TNT Post, BPI (Belgian Post International) Worldwide, which usually takes less than a week to arrive once processed.

Order confirmation

You will always receive an automated confirmation email once your order is submitted. If you do not find this message in your inbox, please contact us at .

Product condition

All the products are new from distributor. If a product has a misspress or any other failure caused by the making or distribution of this product. We kindly ask you to return this product to receive a refund or a new copy.


New Release/Restock and Preorder newslists will be sent on a weekly basis. To add your email for updates, simply submit your address to our Maillist.

Site updates

Because we order from an extensive group of worldwide distributors, new stock is arriving throughout the week. So newly listed / restocked items will be posted as they are received.

Turnaround time

While we always process orders as fast as possible, standard time for processing your order is 1 day before your package is sent. Please be aware that this standard turnaround time does not necessarily apply to items such as pre-orders, backstock requests, and special orders that may take longer to attain.


If you still have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at info @