Benz & MD - Snowblind on Dorigen Music

Benz & MD - Snowblind

Dorigen Music [UK] | DOR 040 - Jan. 13, 2003

Vinyl || Progressive House

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A: Original mix
B: Spincycle's 'Seeing The Light Mix'

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New kids on the block, Canadaâ??s Greg Benz & MD (Release, Nascent) provide their breathtaking debut release for the ever consistent Dorigen Music. Groovy, melodic & uplifting, this is progressive with feeling that is turning everyoneâ??s heads including major players such as John Digweed, Sasha, Ferry Corsten, Jerry Bonham, DJ 19 & other big room bods. Flip it over for something for the techier generation, a remix from the inimitable Spincycle - with innumerable releases/remixes on respected labels Geek, Surreal, Rennaissance, Automatic and Eukabreaks, the talented production duo Hungry Dave & Shifty excel themselves once again with a house music masterpiece. As predicted, support as from the house world far & wide; diverse as Laurent Garnier, Colin Dale, Layo, Mazi, Tyler Stadius, Jay Tripwire, Kazell, Kasey Taylor, James Holden, Mr. C, Patrick Turner, Jay Tripwire, Alison Marks, Greg Vickers, Grant Dell, Chris Udoh.
Laurent Garnier â??Love the Spincycle mix, Iâ??ll definitely play that everywhere.â??
Colin Dale â??Love Spincycles mix â?? simply rocks.â??
John Digweed â??Love the original.â??
Ferry Corsten â??Original mix is a very nice.â??
Layo â??Like Spincycles mix.â??
Mazi â??I love the Spincycle mix. It sounds like Grant Nelson on steroids, wicked! I wish there was more house music like this out there.â??
Chris Udoh â??this track is awe-inspiring!! Slick production on the original, straight house on the remix, well done guys!!!!!!!!!â??
DJ 19 â??what a f*ckin brilliant record!!!! Am gonna be playing for several months!!!!â??
Awarded â??Sureplayerâ?? status in DJ mag â?? Spincycle can turn just about any cut they are given into a proper little tech house jewelâ?â?? Also reviewed in Update â?? â??the original is a spinetingling melodic prog number with wicked deep bass noises gliding over silky strings, perfect last hour gearâ?? Gained an entry into the HYPE CHART, coolcuts chart & plenty radio play on all the right stations. Everyone knows Dorigen Musicâ??s policy, so how can you refuse checking this baby out?!!?!?!? Jay Tripwire, Jeff Bennett & Jerry Bonham up next. Hellfire what a label.

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