Nutrunner - Open Spaces on Silver Planet Recordings

Nutrunner - Open Spaces

Silver Planet Recordings [UK] | SILVER 073 - May. 2, 2006

Vinyl || Progressive House

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Following on from the hugely successful John Dahlbackâ??s remix of Luke Dzierzekâ??s seminal global anthem â??Echoâ?, next up on Silver Planet is hot new German talent Patrick Kunkel under his Nutrunner guise. Hailing from Frankfurt, Patrick knows a few things about the electronic scene working for cult German techno DJ Sven Vathâ??s Cocoon label.  â??Open Spacesâ? is Patrickâ??s debut release for Silver Planet and continues Silver Planetâ??s forage into the exploratory new sound already showcased by its artists Luke Dzierzek and Speedcats. Combining ethereal pads with crisp electronic beats that we oh so love the Germans for, â??Open Spacesâ? is a haunting track whose mood builds from club darkness to end of the tunnel light and complements any DJâ??s set from Berlin to Miami to Ibiza.
Fresh from his massive international hit â??Der Mückenschwarmâ? on Cocoon Records, Oliver Koletzki has stepped up to take over remix duties. Oliver Koletzkiâ??s remix establishes him as one of Germanyâ??s hottest producers at the moment with his EllenJames Remix dropping like a bomb in all his â??Mückenschwarm Tourâ? DJ sets.

Featured on the forthcoming â??Addictedâ?? compilation mixed by Luke Chable & Kosmas Epsilon

Club support by Oliver Koletzki, Dave Seaman, Nick Warren, Kosmas Epsilon, Jonathan Lisle, Luke Brancaccio, Jody Wisternoff & many more.

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