Mason - Exceeder on Great Stuff

Mason - Exceeder

Great Stuff [DE] | GSR 028 - Jun. 7, 2006

Vinyl || Electro House / Electro Techno

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Big rave anthem by this 25 year old Dutch newcomer. There's nothing minimal about this, all maximal. Fresh remixes by DJ FEX (Systematic) & Great Stuff head honcho TOMCRAFT.

Again, this isnâ??t minimal on Great Stuff but a huge maximal rave anthem with those big synths to work your crowd. Dutch DJ and producer MASON ( is only 25 years old, but definitely knows how to rock big time. He started his career as violin playing DJ and is now touring the world with his DJ case. â??Exceederâ?? already became a huge club hit in the Netherlands and is now ready to take over the rest of the world with brand new mixes by Great Stuff owner TOMCRAFT (his first remix on GSR, by the way) and French Systematic artist DJ F.E.X.

DJ reactions:

Satoshi Tomiie: I like all 3 mixes, especially DJ FEX one..

Mike Monday: wicked old skool business!

Tom Neville: This is really good

Tiga: I really like it!!!

Coburn: Should be massive! Will play lots and lots this summer. Original mix is aural sex. More please!

Pete Heller: Like the DJ Fex mixes best. Quite strong this one

Sander Kleinenberg: playing the original for about 2 months around the world.

Silicone Soul: Feelinâ?? this one mate. Great big anthem feel with wicked â??dropsâ?? too, totally rocking. DJ Fex mix is dope too. Great label.

Freeform Five: Very cool stuff. Exceeder got great crowd reactions in my set.  I can see this working really well across Europe

Funk Dâ??Void: Huge

Mutiny: Love it

DJ Touché: That sounds good

Evil Nine: yeah original sounds good

Paul Woolford: Wow, the FEX mix is huge. Large scale rave-vibes abound

Paul Jackson: Quality stuff my friend. All good mixes.

Deepgroove: mason is such a massive tune. Very good

Cass & Mangan: Wicked

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