2020 Soundsystem - Grey Clouds (Remixes) on 20:20 Vision

2020 Soundsystem - Grey Clouds (Remixes)

20:20 Vision [UK] | VIS 133 - Aug. 7, 2006

Vinyl || Tech House

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A: Grey Clouds (2020 Soundsystem Balearic Bastard Mix)
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B1: Grey Clouds (Spirit Catcher's Gated Mind Mix)
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B2: Grey Clouds (2020 Soundsystem Basstehdub Mix)

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Established by Ralph Lawson 10 years ago, 2020 Vision is one of the most highly respected indie labels on the planet, looking after over 20 international artists and releasing a consistent string of clasic 12 singles and 5 star albums. Featuring Ralph Lawson, Dubble D and the various members of Silver City, the 2020 Soundsytem are the live, beating heart of 2020 Vision today. â??Grey Cloudsâ?? is one of the highlights from 2020Soundsystemâ??s debut album of the same name which has received 5 star reviews throughout the dance music press. 'Grey Clouds' again sees 2020Soundsystem themselves turning in two new mixes as well as bringing 2020 favourites Spirit Catcher in for one of their trademark slabs of driving electro funk. Spirit Catcher are currently in demand with acclaimed remixes on Freerange â??Starwavesâ?? and Kanzleramt â??Offshore Funkâ??.

Support from Nic Fanciulli, Electric Pres. , Paul Woolford, Ashley Beedle, Nick Warren, Danny Howells...

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