Mijk Van Dijk - Closer / Wider on Kling Klong

Mijk Van Dijk - Closer / Wider

Kling Klong [DE] | KLING 007 - Oct. 2, 2006

Vinyl || Electro House / Electro Techno

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German Dj and producer legend MIJK VAN DIJK returns!!! For those who donâ??t know, heâ??s responsible for one of the biggest clubtracks of all time: MARMION â?? â??Schönebergâ?Â, which became a huge classic since its release in 1996 and still sounds amazing today. Busy as always with his own Dubmission events in Berlin and his global dj gigs, he finally returned to studio with Martin Eyerer to produce these two driving tracks. A big honour to have him on KLING KLONG.

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