Angelo Battilani / Efdemin - Empty / Lohn & Brot on Liebe Detail

Angelo Battilani / Efdemin - Empty / Lohn & Brot

Liebe Detail [DE] | LIEBE 014 - Nov. 27, 2006

Vinyl || Minimal House / Minimal Trance / Tech House / Techno

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A: Angelo Battilani : Empty
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B: Efdemin : Lohn & Brot

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According to their policy of promoting fresh talent, Liebe Detail feature 20 year old Italian Angelo Battilani from Ravenna on the flipside. He has released one ep on the Milan based label Stereoseven Plus so far. His tack here is not as empty as the track title suggests, although you can certainly label it „minimal“, in which „Empty“ is not referring to the genre so much in an deranged afterhour sense. It rather focusses on highly dynamic beats, which slightly shift during the course of nine and a half minutes. Using only a few, precisely set elements, Battilani turns this one into a rocking tool that, despite its straightforwardness, manages to roll flexibly.After Phillip Sollmann aka Efdemin has finished his studies at the Institute For Computer music in Vienna, he moved to Berlin, where he has found a lot of opprtunities to engage himslef intensively with Techno and House again. His track „Bergwein“ on Dial and his work as Pigon on Just together with Oliver Kargl are an impressive evidence of the rekindled love affair with this music. Where Efdemin’s earlier production work was rather focused on slow, abstract house in the vein of Theo Parrish, he has now turned to a more functional approach withoust losing his special sense for deepness. Efdemin’s sound design has become a lot more unobscured and differentiated. And he knows how to adjust old school influences to contemporary listening habits, which makes „Lohn & Brot“ the sublime hit one could only expect from Efdemin.

Anja Schneider (Mobilee Rec.): “really nice one ! Love the Efdemin track! ”

Groove Mag (Ger): “„Lohn+Brot“ ist auf der liebe*detail Nummer 14 enthalten, ein Hamburger Label, das mit seinem Konzept, jede Maxi mit jeweils einem Track von zwei Produzenten zu bestücken, inzwischen äußerst erfolgreich ist. Efdemin kennt man schon von seinen tollen Platten auf Dial, „Lohn+Brot“ ist wieder so einfühlsame und wunderschöne Musik geworden, für die wir Efdemin so lieben. Musik für verzauberte Dancefloors.”

James Flavour: “like the efdemin track! nice....”

Jesse Rose: “the b-side is working well, nice chops & a good groove, perfect for the mix.”

karotte: “wow. schon wieder 2 klasse nummern auf liebe*detail. toll toll toll. werden bei mir rauf und runtergespielt. auch eine der platten des monats.”

Laurent Garnier: “great B side very deep moody "french kiss" like !!!! Will play everywhere ”

Tobi Neumann: “wieder eine gute Selektion von 2 Stücken. Ich mag sowohlEfdemin "lohn&brot" als auch Angelo Battilani's "empty"! nice record ”

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