Marcel Dettmann - Quicksand on Ostgut Ton

Marcel Dettmann - Quicksand

Ostgut Ton [DE] | O-TON 03 - Nov. 27, 2006

Vinyl || Minimal Techno

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our third vinyl release is coming from berghain resident dj marcel dettmann, who already provided the all around successfull debut with ben klock on ostgut ton („dawning/dead man watches the clock“, o-ton01). „dawning“ slowly but surely developed into a massive hit and was recognised way beyond the borders of berlin the meantime, marcel has set up his own label mdr, which is exclusively distributed by hard wax, the record store, where dettmann works during daytime and regularly serves customers at the counter. „quicksand“, the a side, is a bone dry club tool, which does not even start to bother about minimal sound standards. instead, it mind-bogglingly uses one noise sound in a very effective way in a skeletal, even nervous arrangement. without question, noise is the rave signal of the year and „quicksand“ is one of its most convincing representatives. „getaway“, the b side, strikes a more sublime note. it has already been produced one year ago, around the same time as „dawning“. it reflects the atmosphere of the wee hours in the morning in a club, when melancholic detroit chords can touch the soft boiled dancefloor to the quick. this is a softly pushing track with an emotional surplus!

Support from Sven Väth !

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