Slava Flash Feat Dynamite - Nu Tech on Baroque Records

Slava Flash Feat Dynamite - Nu Tech

Baroque Records [UK] | BARQ 067 - Mar. 8, 2007

Vinyl || Progressive House

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A: Nu Tech (Oleg Uris aka Sound Tribute remix)
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B: Nu Tech (instrumental)

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During it's tenure to date, the Baroque label has introduced many up and coming artists and producers from around the world, in addition to showcasing material from some of the more established names from the underground scene. It's this duality and contrast that has helped the label to attain the stature it's had over the years, and the core of what has made it so successful.The latest release takes us to the Ukraine, where Slava Flash has been a DJ for almost two decades, and 'Nu Tech' marks one of his first productions, remixed by fellow countrymen Sound Tribute. The 'Sound Tribute Mix' is aptly named as it's a throwback to the golden yesteryear of progressive house. This is by no means a bad thing - if anything amongst the sea of electro and minimal tracks that swarm the market these days sometimes its refreshing when someone sticks to their roots. The mix makes no qualms about being straight up old school progressive house, and when all is said and done, it pays it's homage in rather fine fashion. The 'Instrumental Mix' is a deep, melodic house excursion - a sound that seems to be popular in the Eastern European countries. Laid back grooves and lazy melodies give the mix a lounge style feeling, which would lend itself nicely to the early or middle part of a set. With album projects from Shiloh and Lustral on the horizon, and several big singles projects to come shortly, Baroque looks intent on maintaining their niche in the progressive market as we move further into 2007, something they have managed to do with relative ease over the past few years.

DJ support on this from Digweed, Cattaneo, Van Burren, Andy Moor, Flash Brothers, Mark Knight & Deepdish

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