Dusty Kid  - Signal 63 EP on Kling Klong

Dusty Kid - Signal 63 EP

Kling Klong [DE] | KLING 011 - Apr. 30, 2007

Vinyl || Electro House / Electro Techno

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A1: I Love Richie
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A2: Cowboys
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B1: Mantrakoma
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B2: The Riot

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Josh Wink, Ben Watt, Martin Landsky, Gusgus, Shlomi Aber, Arnaud Rebotini, Kiki, Florian Meindl, Mike Monday…… love that EP. Dusty Kid is a brandnew project by Paolo Lodde from Italy, who was very know as one half of Duoteque on Boxer Records. And perhaps he was even 90% of Douteque as his solo tracks are so amazing that it was nearly impossible for Kling Klong mastermind Martin Eyerer to choose these 4 tracks for the first ep. And all four tracks are very unique and different. While “I Love Richie” (no idea, who’s that) is a hard grooving techno track, “Cowboys” goes the jazzy and deep way. “Mantrakoma” then is a jacking house track with a great bassline and weird vocals, followed by the headbanger “The Riot”. So a very complete EP where all 4 tracks should find a place in a long set. Already charted by: DJ Linus #3, Gregor Tresher #2, Nudisco #1, Martin Eyerer #4, Mateo Murphy #9, Chris Fortier #8

Alex Gramming: “alle 4 Tracks sind qualitativ super. Ich mag 2 & 3 beim ersten Hören am liebsten. „Riot“ sorgt glaube ich auch für Selbige im richtigen Moment – Killer :-)”

Alexander Koning: “i love it i think the best klingklong so far. will play for sure,,”

Anderson Noise: “I really liked it. This EP It´s very interesting for me.”

Andrea Doria: “Even if this doesn't happen always, i'm proud when i hear something good coming from my country, so poor of good producers. Amazing E.P. One of my preferred so far. 9/10”

Anthony Collins: “very nice ep. a track for every situation :-)”

Anthony Pappa: “All of the tracks sound good and l'm into it. My favourite track from the EP is "Cowboys" and l will play this out.”

Ben Watt: “great! I am doing radio show today. i might be able to play one.”

Benny Benassi: “i like The Riot. i will play next week end....”

Butch: “Cowboys klingt sehr cool”

Carlos Mendes: “Cowboys is the one for me. nice and mellow cool groove, the way music should be just cool... ”

Da Fresh: “good EP ! my favourites are "Cowboy" and "I love Richie". i'll play ithe both and more certainly. "the riot" is hot too!”

Dani König: “nice release...again! like the "i love richie" & the "cowboys" tracks best.”

David Vendetta: “I like the tracks 'The Riot' & 'I Love Ritchie'”

Delon & Dalcan: “favorite track is "i love richie" : fat groovy techno !”

Didier Sinclair: “je suis fan!”

DJ F.E.X.: “wow! what a release i like all the tracks but will play for sure Cowboys and Mantrakoma. The riot sounds a bit like adyra, but sure it will work well on the dancefloor keep up the good work!”

DJ Hal: “cowboys sounds good”

Fabrice Lig: “I love Richie and Cowboys are nice track.”

Florian Meindl: “i love richie: yeah, kind of reminds me on old techno tracks - i might play it! cowboys: woow! very very beautiful! i def. will play it and put it in my charts!”

Freeform Five: “it's amazing! I played 3 tracks from it last weekend...I love Richie is probably my favourite track, but all the tracks a very strong...”

Fuzzy Hair: “Fine tracks!..”

G.DIGGER: “klingklong goes KLINGELINGELING ! WOA ! Cowboys in the house and no life without Mantrakoma anymore. GROOVE.”

Groove Rebels: “Back to the Roots! Zurück in die dunklen Keller, 1210er und Strobo an”

Hans Temmermann (The Mystic Fo: “I’ll support the ‘cowboys’ track.”

Heiko Laux: “i love richie gehört auf´n floor!”

Hernan Cattaneo: “really good”

Jim Masters: “sounds great”

John Selway: “I'm already a fan of Duoteque so I'm happy to see this. It's a fun release with a cool old school vibe, good tools for many DJs - I always appreciate good variety. "I Love Richie" sounds very familiar - maybe a sample from Final Exposure "Vortex"? (a classic production from Hawtin, Joey Beltram and Mundo Musique). That would explain the title. Anyway it's a good old school style rocker that I will definitely use. For sure I can play all the tracks - the whole vibe is "back to the basics" in a really cool high quality way.”

Jonathan Ulysses: “Best track for me Dusty Kid - Mantrakoma. 7/10”

Josh Wink: “Like a couple of the tracks on this ep...Cowboys, Riot and I love Richie.”

Justin Robertson: “i love richie...i love this! loving the riot too!”

Kiki: “Wow! klingt für mich wie der beste kling klong bis jetzt! liebe die “vortex” referenz (oder sogar sample?) bei “i love richie”, und würde tatsächlich alle 4 trax spielen!”

Lewis Dene: “This is quite raw but quality from Dusty Kid, I Love Richie & Cowboys - all tracks are really strong – 8/10”

Louis Osbourne: “Love the Dusty Kid EP, especially ‚Mantrakoma’ with its weird vocals”

Michael Burian: “die traks sind hammer,”

Michel De Hey: “Sounds Great! Track 1 is a cool festival track but the 2nd track is very nice for the clubs.”

Mike Monday: “OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!! The Dusty Kid release on Kling Klong is fuckin awesome. All 4 tracks, but I played out Mantrakoma last night and I loved it, as did the crowd! I've been playing this ep a lot! I like them all but for me my favourites are Mantrakoma and Cowboys. Cowboys is a lovely deep bit of early morning techno... ... and I did a warm up at Playtime last Friday and played both. Cowboys was my first track and Mantrakoma got them really SHAKIN...”

Mugwump: “hell yeah ! some solid trax here.... very diverse and all very good. really like em apart maybe from 'the riot' who bangs a bit too much for me....”

Nathan Detroit: “am a big fan of dusty kid already”

Nolan Kane (Teamtalk Broadcast: “This is wicked! I love cowboys!”

Nudisco: “JA WIE GEIL DA IST SIE JA ENDLICH!!!! Wie lange such ich “Mantrakoma” schon!!! Eine wirklich unglaublich geile EP!! 12 von 10 PUNKTEN!!!! Aber THE RIOT toppt alles, das teil wird nen mörder brett im club werden!! WIE GEIL!!! Werd ich gleich mal in den Radio Mix für Proton Radio einbauen den ich für die Hammarskjoeld Label night mache ;-)”

Oliver Lang: “Love the mantrakoma track.”

Pelle Buys: “ooooh yeah , i love richie , ist ja wohl n dicker knaller!”

Prins Thomas: “very much liking "mantrakoma". "cowboys" also cool”

Slok: “my favourite are Cowboys and Mantrakoma. FORZA ITALIA!”

Tocadisco: “geile scheibe...”

Tom Mangan: “Really loving Mantrakoma, great backwards sounding vox!, will def play this w/e”

Tom Wax: “Mir gefällt die Liebeserklärung an Richie Hawtin und Homage an Final Exposure – Vortex sehr gut!”

Tomaz: “sounds good ! especially Cowboys and I love Richie”

Trickski: “cowboys klingt super! bravo! ”

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