Deepsky - Always On My Mind  on Unknown

Deepsky - Always On My Mind

Unknown [] | BRW 001 - May. 14, 2007

Vinyl || Progressive House

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A: Always On My Mind (Oracle's AWOL In Montreal dub)
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B: Always On My Mind (Snake Sederick remix)

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Deepsky have long been a pillar in the American progressive community with such great tracks as 'Stargazer', 'Jareth's Church' and their 'In Silico' album all held in high regard. More recent work such as 'Talk Like A Stranger' and 'Ghost' has seen a shift in direction, and this cover version of Erasure & Elvis 'Always On My Mind' sees them continue that path. Oracle's remix strips the vocal down to it's core, adding elements of dub, house rhythms into the mix, a big snare lead driving things forward. A classy club mix with great cross over potential as 'Oracle' traverses the divide between the dancefloor and a more contemporary direction with relative ease. Snake Sedrick comes up on the rear with a deep, atmospheric mix. His sensibilities as a producer for creating deep layered soundscapes and pumping grooves have earned him plaudits from many of his peers, and his mix of 'Always On My Mind' is nothing short of emotional. Subtle breakbreats shimmer beneath a the freely flowly lead vocal, and the result is just a delight to hear. LARGE & VERY LIMITED… when they are gone they are GONE