Chakra - I Am (Breaks Mixes) on 3 Beat Breaks

Chakra - I Am (Breaks Mixes)

3 Beat Breaks [] | 3BB 001 - Dec. 23, 2003

Vinyl || Breaks

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A: Wrecked Angle Mix
B: Kasey Taylor Oceanbreaks Mix

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Chakra's 'I Am' is one of the most talked about and influential progressive house records of the 90Ć¢??s. Originally a very limited release, which featured a Bedrock vocal & dub, it became a highly sought after track on E-Bay, with copies going for ridiculous amounts of cash. Now it returns, this time featuring 2 of the most talked about remixes in the scene today, from Wrecked Angle & Kasey Taylor. The Wrecked Angle mix is a peaktime, storming breaks reinterpretation, with fantastic compressed beats, solid chest shaking basslines and more key changes than you can shake a stick at. Add the massive full vocal, epic string sections and a constantly intensifying groove and youĆ¢??ve simply got one of the biggest club tracks out there today. Flipped by the Kasey Taylor Oceanbreaks mix, which at first seems to opt for a deep, moody groove, but as things progress it opens up into a spacious, melodic beauty, with lush chords and of course KateĆ¢??s fantastic vocal. Rippling melodies filter in and out of the mix, adding more and more emotion to this already emotive track. The production is outstanding on this track, with KaseyĆ¢??s trademark top notch percussion carrying things perfectly.
Support from Sander Kleinenberg , Sasha , John Digweed , Jon Lisle , Hernan Cattaneo , Nick Warren , Moshic , Keith McDonnel , Matthew Dekay & Chris Fortier