DPP - M3XIKO Disc 1 (PROMOTIONAL COPY) on Sunkissed Records


Sunkissed Records [] | SKR031D1 - Dec. 17, 2003

Vinyl || Progressive House, Progressive Trance, Goa

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Well Sunkissed wins the reward for strangest record name of the year by far, I think this new one is a reference to a Postal Code ... but look it up and you don't find aynthing. Who knows? Disc 1 features the original mix and the Fitzwater mix. The original is a bouncy progressive track with some nice floaty bits accented with some nice punchy sample patterns and a strange spoken male vocal. It builds into a nice swaying chord driven thing at the end. The Fitzwater mix is a darker more pumping progressive cut similar to stuff you'd find on Cyber.
Support from Sasha & John Digweed , Satoshi Tomiie & BT

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