Toyshop feat Anita Kelsey - Million Miles Disc 1 on Sunkissed Records

Toyshop feat Anita Kelsey - Million Miles Disc 1

Sunkissed Records [] | SKR 032D1 - Apr. 23, 2004

Vinyl || Progressive House

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A: Original Mix
B: Hamel & Jamieson Vocal

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Toyshop is David Sun, an established producer who has worked with many big names over the years including Pete Heller. David has also produced the new Alison Limerick single. This time he teams up with D*Note vocalist Anita Kelsey for 'Million Miles'. Bill Hamel comes fresh from his Grammy nomination for his remix of Sealâ??s â??Get it Togetherâ??. He has also worked with BT for two tracks on his recent album and remixed Justin Timberlakeâ??s 'Cry Me A River'. Barry Jamieson â?? better known as Evolution - has had countless hits over the years and is currently engineer for Sashaâ??s new album.

Sunkissed with a wicked new release spanning two discs. This first disc features the sexy original and the slamming Hamel&Jamieson mix. First up, the original, best described as a minimal tribally pseudo-breakbeat vocal peice featuring a string section melody. Beautifull stuff. Hamel & Jamieson on the flip stay very true to the original only changing the percussion style in a more progressive direction while adding a few subtle pads here and there to beef things up.

Support from Steve Lawler , David Morales , Danny Tenaglia , Bill Hamel , Nick Warren , etc...