Various Artists - Four Seasons EP on Diynamic Music

Various Artists - Four Seasons EP

Diynamic Music [DE] | DIYNAMIC 010 - Dec. 3, 2007

Vinyl || Minimal House / Minimal Trance / Tech House / Techno

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H.O.S.H. - Drums Of Spring
Gruber & Nurnberger - Floating Clouds In Summer 
Stimming - 1000 Words In Autumn
Solomun - Second Kiss In Winter

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Whow! What a year! Exciting, thrilling, miscellaneous, all of that but especially one thing: almost over! So we took this as a chance to get all of our main-acts and two very new and very talentet guests together for a anniversary-elation-record. That´s how simple and nice cooking can be, and in the end our four-seasons-plate tastes brilliant!

Italoboyz: “nice release, my fav are h.o.s.h. and stimming tracks, thanx!!”

3 Channels (Crosstown Rebels): “ great !!!”

Alex Jones (Hypercolour / Turb: “ Wicked Ep, love it all, especially HOSH and Solomun. congrats.”

Alex Kid (F-Comm): “ 1000 words in autumn is just great! perfect for me! thx thx thx. Other tracks are cool too.”


Bearweasel (Supernature Record: “ BRILLIANT EP! LOVE THE GRUBER & NÜRNBERG. ”

Ben What (Buzzin fly): “ love these guys ”

Bruce Tantum (Time Out New Yor: “ Killer! I was hooked as soon as those organic-sounding percussiony things started going off near the beginning of Floating. Really deep, hi-grade, vaguely ethno-techy material, which I will be playing – a LOT!”

C-Rock (Stir15): “ Als Dynamic supporter der ersten Stunde (jawoll!) freue ich mich natürlich... Tolles Release... ”

Chris Woodward (Buzzin fly): “ this is awsome, playing all 4 tracks, top label. ”

Cio D´Or (Karmarouge): “ HOSH - "Drums of spring" - Afrika-feeling durch helle bongorhythmen ziehen sich in moderner umsetzung durch den track & lösen sich in helle spannungssynthesizerklänge auf, die leicht an irische folklore erinnern um dann mal kurz im techno zu landen & wieder in eine afrika_stimmung zurückzukommen. interessante combination & alles in einem track. na, wenn das keine geschichte ist! STIMMING ˆ1000 words in autumn" - dieses ist ein “deeper” track mit schwebenden türklingelgeraüschen. bezaubernd! mein lieblingstrack dieser platte. ”

Dave DK (Mood Music): “ “Floating Clouds in the summer” does the trick for me on this release, nice Detoit sequence on deep subbass, cool!! Also the Solomun track is quite nice, laidback melo, just like a winter kiss. In my box!"”

Dave Mothersole (MOS Radio): “ like this. 'floating clouds in summer' has a really nice vibe and 'second kiss in winter' is great. wiil play out and on radio. ”

David Duriez (Brique Rouge): “ the solomun track for me! very nice but overall a good ep. support.”

Deepchild (Future Classic): “ It's embarassing how solid and thoughtful this release it. Just straight up gorgeous and playable. I'll be dropping ALL of these joints. Floating Cloud is the standout, but all are just wicked. Talk about set stealers. Wicked, deep and tunes I'll still be playing in a year. Full marks Diynamic... ”

DJ Emerson (freak waves / kidd: “ awesome label i still not know which of the tracks i like the most, this is really difficult guys, i love all 4 and i never can decide which one to play, should at least have 1 fall out track on your eps makes things easier for me,...great work anyway ”

Dj Misk / Altroverso: “big release. any other words are superfluous. i'll play all 4 tracks + i reccomend these to all music lovers. ”

ED Davenport (Liebe*Detail): “ amazing release! i love every track! some freaky vocals on a1... great for the darker moments and a2 introduces some lush chords into the equation. i think my favourite however is stimming's track, with such a deep atmopshere throughout and a bouncing, driving bass end. fantastic package. il be playing all of these! thanks very much! ”

Einzelkind (Get Physical): “ hab bis jetzt keinen favorit, gefällt alles ziemlich gut. werde den einen oder anderen track spielen. ”

Federico Molinari (Oslo Record: “ i play it! i like it! ”

GummiHz (Mobilee): “ there is a track for every season in the set here....second kiss in winter and 1000 words in autumn are ideal for the beiginning of the set...drums of spring and floating clouds in summer are more my taste for my set and will play for sure.....regards ”

Jimpster (Freerange): “ Yes mate! This is lovey, especially the Stimming track. Loved all his releases recently anyway but this is a real standout. Off kilter, deep house with a minimal edge that’ll sound the nuts on a big system. ”

KIKI (Bpitch): “ one of my favourite labels does it again! all 4 trax are great! full support!”

Laurent Garnier: “ not my favourite release on this great label.”

Luca Bacchetti (Wagon Repair): “ I love these tracks!!! especially Hosh, my favourite! nice one!!! ”

Luna City Express (Moon Harbou: “ wow! aufregend, spannend, vielseitig! vier tracks ich ganz sicher spielen würde. weiß aber noch gar nicht so recht welcher mein favorit ist. Ist echt schwierig… ”

Manuel Tur (Freerange): “ Vier kuschelig-warme Tracks, bei denen die beiden B-Tracks für meine Sets am ehesten in Frage kommen - die Scheibe ist aber insgesamt angenehm ausgewogen. Eine dieser Scheiben, die sich der stolze Sammler im digitalen Zeitalter gerne als 12" ins Regal stellt!”

Markus Kafka (MTV): “top label, da kommt verlässlich sehr gutes zeug raus, auch diese EP”

Martini Brothers (Poker Flat): “ I know Solomun for being very smooth. I invited him some time ago to do a gig in summer on a sunday after hour party in berlin and he was wearing his havannas while spinning. Very relaxed. You can tell his influence. Good stuff.”

Mathias Schaffhäuser (Ware): “ Der GRUBER & NÜRNBERG-Track ist mein favorit. ”

Matt Star (Weave Music): “ nice one is "STIMMING – "1000 words in autumn" ”

MISS JOOLS (Sleeper Thief): “ "Diynamic releases just simply go from strength to strength..A consistent label that freshness and innovativeness..Absolutely love all tracks ans will yet again play and support!..Great work..." ”

Nick Curly (8Bit-Records): “ great release for diynamic. the solomun track is very it!”

Oliver Koletzki (Stil vor Tale: “ Allerdings, was für ein starkes jahr für diynamic! glückwunsch!!! die 010 ist mir diesmal etwas zu deep. schick mir mal bitte die hosh, die spiel ich auf jeden fall!”

Paulo Olarte (Fresh Fish): “ this release is amazing! will play it for sure. all 4 for tracks are great and each one for a special time of the night. my favorite is the whole thing, love it. keep it up! ”

Philip Sherburne (Earplug): “ great EP all around - deep, restrained, splashes of melody here and there. i think the stimmung track is my pick of the lot but that could vary depending on my mood. :)”

Rekleiner (Connaisseur): “ HOSH is amazing. everything he does sounds fresh and exciting! top marks. ”

Sebbo (Liebe*Detail): “ Thx, love it and will play ”

Sebo K. (Mobilee): “ great release. thanks. full support. ”

Simon Flower (Poker Flat): “ The GRUBER & NÜRNBERG track really sticks out for me. Beautifully produced, and with a hell of a groove. I'd be watching out for more from these guys.”

Spencer Parker (Rekids): “ love the solomun mix...”

Till von Sein (Morris Audio): “ great release! all 4 trax will get played... really nice stuff for the early morning hours.”

Tim Paris (Crack & Speed): “ Hello, cool release thank you. The Stimming track is my fave.”

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