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Sometimes, it's still worth not to waste your youth with nonsense but to learn to play an instrument. Like in the case of Sebastian Mullaert, who has learned to play violin, organ and piano, while his partner Marcus Henriksson rather came from Kraftwerk and Human League to electronic music. As Son Kite, the two Swedes have already a well-known name in the psy-trance scene, and as Minilogue, they now start to conquer the Minimal and House world. With their rather unique sound, they manage the tightrope walk between Minimal and Trance and never allow us to put them into a drawer. Especially with their debut on Cocoon Recordings, Minilogue present themselves in a different way, compared to their releases on Traum or Wagon Repair. "Jamaica" is a calm track at the first hearing and is perfect for building up a set. Beginning with bird-like sounds, the track builds up slowly and quickly becomes very interesting and tricky, ramifies as organic as a climbing plant, and when the tribal sound emerges from the underground, this track has exactly what makes Minilogue so special: organic matter and groovy sounds, worked into a minimal labyrinth with very much love for the details. All of that can also be found on the B side which seems to be more adequate for the morning hours, with its somehow spacey sound. With "Jamaica", Mullaert and Henriksson prove that they are floating on the very surface of the endless minimal ocean. And with their album "Animals" being already in sight on Cocoon recordings, one can be highly anxious of what is coming ahead, by Minilogue and Techno Made in Sweden.

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