Seidensticker, Jakob & Lexgold - Hui Buh EP on Lebensfreude Records

Seidensticker, Jakob & Lexgold - Hui Buh EP

Lebensfreude Records [DE] | LF 022 - Feb. 11, 2008

Vinyl || Electro House / Electro Techno

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Hui Buh
Nachbrenner (Trick & Kubic remix)

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One says: In their studio they keep the Book " producing made easy for each ". Originally they released under the synonym "TWEE" on the label OSTWIND. However, one day the citizens of a Hansa town got, while cheating during a card game, and as a result from: Lebensfreude cursed them on Friday to 13. to the LF ghost JAKOB and LEX . Since this day the boys must produce allnightly between midnight and 01:00 o’clock for the label. What came out, besides now is to be heard on the topical 12 inch. Their debut refers to citations from Minimal, Electro and Dubhouse, besides, looks independent and never loses the dancefloor out of sight. The Remix of Trick&Kubic lives on the gallantly arranged teamwork between hook, beat and break. The tracks were already played on the last Lebensfreude Clubtour like the Deep Berlin, Studio 673 Cologne or Golden Pudel Hamburg and achieved euphoric reactions on the dance floor.