Martin Zadak - Zahara on White

Martin Zadak - Zahara

White [DE] | WHITE 002 - Mar. 10, 2008

Vinyl || Melodic House & Techno / Deep Tech

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"Through all cold and grim of Winters Night there is a light that gives you back the warmth and love of summer days". WHITE strikes back with a pair of stunning new house tracks. Both tunes combining minimal and deepness, breeding a new kind of inspired groove oriented dance music for both mind and soul. Martin Zadak's contribution for the WHITE 001 ("Himmel unter Berlin") is still hot in some clubs in the republic. But here's a new joint: "Zahara" comes with an intriguing percussion patterns, a steady driven vibrant beat and shimmering steamy vocals, all melting into a warm and dreamy after hour treasure. Since his debut 12 inch "Arabian Pleasures / Intimate Teenagers" for My My's imprint JUST REC, Oskar Offermann is back with his first release for his own label WHITE. …

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