Martin Eyerer - Word Of Mouth (Album) on Kling Klong

Martin Eyerer - Word Of Mouth (Album)

Kling Klong [DE] | KLING 020 - Apr. 7, 2008

Vinyl || Electro House / Electro Techno

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Decent Track
Barber's Pole
Memento (It's Hot)
Cave Canem
La Dolce Vita

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Mission accomplished! The first Martin Eyerer solo record is finally finished after spending months locked up in the studio meticulously working on this fantastic release. What instantly comes to mind: What does a Martin Eyerer album mean? Will his fans be utterly shocked as they expected something different? Or does this man painfully try to reach higher experimental levels? The answer is a loud and clear: No way! The German artist does exactly what he knows best. Contemporary electronic music, which is perfectly suited for the place he spends most of his time: The dancefloor. This LP is definitely authentic, Word of Mouth is a personal story. One can actually feel and hear all the wild and excessive nights he had to endure worldwide in these new tracks. Be it Brazil, China, Australia or Europe, the essence of every country was bottled up and used for the record. A club-record is the final result, every song is meant and dedicated to move people after dark. But what else should we have expected from Martin Eyerer after working with top-notch musicians such as Gui Boratto, Oliver Koletzki, Chopstick, Namito and Cassius. The time was right for the Stuttgart born producer to do his thing all by himself. The year 2007 was tailor-made for Martin to position his music in numerous clubs all around the globe, Word of Mouth is in other words his gift back to the people that believed in his skills in the first place. It is basically an homage to everybody who shared unforgettable evenings with him behind and in front of the decks. As a little bonus present, Martin will include a best of mix-cd of Kling Klong, obviously his own label. Here he gives us a glimpse at his favorite outputs out of the 18 releases on Kling Klong, all wrapped up in a DJ-mix. Over the past 12 months artists such as Oliver Koletzki, Namito, Dusty Kid, Arnaud Rebotini and Tom Pooks released 12inches on the by now internationally acclaimed label.

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