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Ever since his first maxi Gunne is a thorn in the eye of the conservative establishment, and he has not infrequently with appearance of bans to fight. A relaxed boy in school uniform on Dj turntable, the audience already inclined to bare butt reckt contrary, like a dervish on his mixer sweeps. He is a Shouter, which elects its title as that fathers their virgin daughters keep away.. As far as the actual route was held on board, is pure After Hour coupled with social criticism: "BURKA!". About crazy hooks and a powerful rhythm group Gunne lubricates his grandiose breaks. With quotes from Philip Glass and Giorgio Moroder he makes the dancers and listening to friends. Lars Wickinger goes with his remix of a Butchers pace - a rave butcher. Recently Lars provides a solid fight on the stage and 20,000 people were thrilled. The second remix comes from D _Bug from Mexico.

played by Ruede Hagelstein, Jake the Rapper, Empro & Elton, Trick & Kubic, Lars Wickinger…

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