Kaito - Alive on Kompakt

Kaito - Alive

Kompakt [DE] | KOMPAKT 173 - Apr. 28, 2008

Vinyl || Techno

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Everlasting Dub

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Japan's undisputed master of soulful opulence is back with a smash. Purists might be glad to hear that Kaito stripped down his sound quite a bit. But fans like François Kevorkian will be delighted to hear that his already 7 years long mission to free trance from tacky evil has never sounded this fresh.
ALIVE and EVERLASTING DUB definitely show Hiroshi Watanabe's skills in full effect. It's this daring mixture of classic dubtechno, soulful deep house, jazzy improvisations and a big thumping beat that makes Hiroshi's music so special. It emanates dignity, gentleness and humbleness - three attributes you rarely find on a techno floor.