Donor & Truss - Perception EP on Dumb Unit

Donor & Truss - Perception EP

Dumb Unit [CA] | DU 041 - May. 5, 2008

Vinyl || Minimal House / Tech House / Techno

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Foreseen (Sarah Goldfarb Remix)

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Donor and Truss formed a transatlantic duo to deliver some delightful late night extravaganza. NYC and London are always a good match. Neoliberalism insanity, music, whatever.. Throw in some fine french spice from the Marsellaise she-man Sarah Goldfrab and you've got a bucket full of dancefloor enlightment. We packed the vinly to the brim and start this year witha foursome. First up ist 'Foreseen' - a track that creeps up from down below to evolve into a swirling stomper with all those little cuts that make it fun to follow. 'Forethought' starts with a dry groove to then throw a trippy ensemble of sounds and melody at you. They shake hands to form a kind of maniac symbioses which makes the heart and soul of the track. 'Unseen' is the third runner up and thoroughbred atmospheric piece of music that is based on a ever-evolving soundscapes twisting through the space. Grounded by a some nicely placed beats it barely keeps you from lifting off. Spooky... To finalize this Quadroople Whopper is a rework of 'Foreseen' by Sarah Goldfarb. He starts with a deeper feel and works on the hypnotic potentials of the original. In a similar mindset but a different color this remix rounds up the ep and adds that extra layer. ..and for all those that actually read an infosheet to the end: An extra treat will be available on our website as soon as the record hits the streets. Have a look...

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