Jacek Sienkiewicz - Téchnč on Cocoon

Jacek Sienkiewicz - Téchnč

Cocoon [DE] | CORLP 003 - Aug. 21, 2017

Vinyl || Techno

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A1: Night Passion
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A2: Special Kind
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B1: A Way To Know Things
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B2: Given Sources
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C1: Go And See
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C2: East Side
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D1: Deep Layer
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D2: Speak Digital

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A Greek word 'Téchnè' means simply "A way to know things". Therefore "Technology" and further "Techno" should be understood as "A way of creation through knowledge". It shouldn't be perceived as "New" - It is more a mode of understanding and perception. There are not objects around us that count, but rather the way we understand them.
Human mind is an arrangement of simple neural nets, an enormous collection of simple processes formed into so-called "Consciousness". But, despite all limitations and knowing that it is almost impossible to use all the "Stored" knowledge at one time, computer-generated art, processing tons of information from a myriad of sources will always lack something.
Despite this giant leap in technology we are currently witnessing, the central driving force of what we call "Art" will always be soul. More and more sophisticated machines surely will be able to reproduce, but never create anything equal to human feelings. Machines surely can build something new out of given sources, but cannot improvise. There is no algorithm for soul.

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