Various Artists - Cocoon Morphs Tokyo (Part 3) on Cocoon

Various Artists - Cocoon Morphs Tokyo (Part 3)

Cocoon [DE] | COR 050P3 - May. 7, 2012

Vinyl || Minimal House / Minimal Trance / Tech House / Techno

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Vath Vs Rother - Skrankt
Villalobos - Akklaa

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The German photographer and artist Andreas Gursky and Sven Väth know each other for quite some time already. Now, Gursky has published a cycle of large-sized pictures that pick 'Cocoon' out as the central theme: The Cocoon pictures sre referring to the current club culture: Gursky uses the big Techno events Cocoon is staging as drafts. The architectural frame of his works is referring to the design of the CocoonClub Frankfurt. The spatial concept was developed by Techno Dj and musician Sven Väth, together with the design agency 3deluxe. Gursky's pictures refer to the graphic templates and thus form an ideal approach to the original CocoonClub. "Cocoon I" was already the cover of the 'Cocoon Morphs Tokyo' CD, which was released in spring in Japan exclusively. In autumn, this CD containing only exclusive tracks is to be released in Europe, too. However, Cocoon fans don't have to wait until then: six of the seven tracks of the CD will be released on three 12" vinyl records (that form the total of Gursky's picture when put together) in order to celebrate the 50th vinyl release of Cocoon Recordings.

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