Various Artists - Saturday I Am In Love (Part 1) on Diynamic Music

Various Artists - Saturday I Am In Love (Part 1)

Diynamic Music [DE] | DIYNAMIC 019 - Nov. 24, 2008

Vinyl || House / Tech-House

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Stimming - For A Friend
Trickski - Your Lonely Nites
Solar & Poppcke - Night Train
Ost & Kjex - Sicksnack

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Part 1 of the compilation is a treat for any fan of house music as every track is a piece of unreleased joy from some of the most reliable names around. A must for fans of the label, a must for fans of any of the labels artists and a must for those who follow superb house music as either djs or punters.

Craig Morrison (Silicone Sou: “"Great sampler, the sheer deepness of night train and the uniqueness of sicksnack are the standouts for me love dem vocals...will play!"”

Carl Craig: “"Good stuff. Trickski standing out."”

Dave Mothersole (Ministry Radi: “"Nice tracks, particularly 'night train' which is ace."”

David K (Supplement Facts): “David K - "For a friend" is great, fantastic journey, "your lonely nites "will staying in my bag for a moment, perfect weapon....:)"”

Dennis Ferrer: “"For a friend is it."”

Hernan Cattaneo: “Really cool stuff top tracks”

Jimpster (Freerange): “"Top marks once again! fresh, floor pleasing house of the highest order and it gets my vote make no mistake. all tracks are bang on."”

John Selway: “"Great and unique production on "Sicksnack" - fun to listen and dance to for sure, maybe not going to be a DJ tool for my usual sets - except for rare occasions - but I'm enjoying it.”

Joris Voorn: “Diynamic for President (of germany)! Ja, das konnen wir machen!”

Jose Maria Ramon (Ibiza Global: “"more great music from this great crew!! absolutely fantastic."”

Karotte: “"The stimming track is my fav. full support."”

Kiki (Bpitch): “"Wow.. where to start... stimming deliveres a great track as always, solar & poppcke go deeeep, ost & kjex almost top their last one (at least for me)! love that siren-like use of "move". and, all in all these tracks sound like a nice compilation to listen to outside the dancefloor context too!" ”

Laurent Garnier: “"Lllloovvveeelllyyyyyy Stimming, full support."”

Luca Bacchetti (Wagon Repair): “"For a friend" is a masterpiece!!!! I love it!! another great package! thanks!”

Marcus Enochson: “Great release from a great label. interesting sounds and soundscapes... for a friend is stand out!!!”

Milton Jackson (Freerange): “"Stimming is THE MAN. amazing!"”

Motorcitysoul (AUS Music): “"Great stuff, very versatile! stimming track is really moody! will play..."”

Osunlade: “Stimming is beautiful!!”

Ripperton (Perspectiv): “"Hard to say something new.... So, Label of the year! Another strong/great release and I can't wait for that cd's release!"”

Roland Appel: “Stimming+trickski are my faves. sicksnack is not exactly my cup of tea but it´s very nice to see some vocaltunes arriving in the scene!! big up for diynamic!!”

Sasse (Mood Music): “"Sicksnack is sick, will play this a lot."”

Sebbo (Desolat): “"The is a intelliy house tune phat dope shit."”

Shur-i-kan: “Diynamic boys always on point, this is a fine selection of forward looking house. ”

Sian (Dessous / AUS Music): “"The trickski track is great,all in all a nice collection of tunes!"”

Thomas Schumacher: “Quality stuff as usual. You can bank on Diynamic and that's why I love the label. Trickski! Word.”

Timo Maas (Cocoon): “"Top Quality music! Highlights Stimming and Ost&Kjex Super!"”

Voitek (Catz n Dogz / 3channel: “"As usually nice stuff from stimming will play it alottt!!!"”

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