Geoffroy & Kolombo Presents Mugwump - Meditation EP on Kompakt

Geoffroy & Kolombo Presents Mugwump - Meditation EP

Kompakt [DE] | KOMPAKT 182 - Nov. 17, 2008

Vinyl || House / Tech-House

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Reverse the Curse
Ignored Folklore

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Dictionaries report "mugguomp" was an Algonquian word meaning "person of importance" or "war leader." Charles Anderson Dana, the colorful newspaperman and editor of the now-defunct New York Sun, is said to have given
the Mugwumps their political moniker. Dana made the term plural and derided them as amateurs and public moralists. During the 1884 campaign, they were often portrayed as "fence-sitters," with part of their body on the side of
the Democrats and the other on the side of the Republicans. (Their "mug" on one side of the fence, and their "wump" on the other.) Angry Republicans like Roscoe Conkling sometimes hinted they were homosexual, calling them
"Man milliners."  As far as we know, Geoffroy & Kolombo from Brussels rather refer to William Burrough's drug-induced reptile weirdos from Naked Lunch. Anyways, Mugwump's music is definitely a mindtrip on its own, yet - it's
also accessible and very entertaining in a sober state. Their sounds is fat, warm & sexy. There's a lot of classic house in it but instead of repeating history they really add some new magic tricks. In fact, each of the three tracks on
the “Meditation EP” would be worth to start a new subgenre. But instead of coming up with three fancy new tags we prefer to get ourselves a drink and hit the dancefloor. And so should you... Oh, by the way... you should also check
out Mugwump's more than amazing release on Rob Mello's Disco 45 label. It's totally awesome...