Donnacha Costello - Tragedy Of The Commons on Look Long

Donnacha Costello - Tragedy Of The Commons

Look Long [DE] | LNG 2 - Apr. 20, 2009

Vinyl || Detroit / Chicago

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Fathoms Deep

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Donnacha Costello returns with another release for his new label and platform, Look Long. The Tragedy Of The Commons sees him continuing his mission to create work of lasting quality and beauty. Gatsby has that most rare and ephemeral quality, that certain something not easily defined. Work which is at once both raw and full of subtlety. Something which is at once both instantly familiar and yet inescapably new. Fathoms Deep pulls the listener in with each rotation until we are so thoroughly hypnotised we cannot but surrender to its insistent, organic pulse. Baritone’s melancholy lo-fi guitars and roland 606 drums wrap around us like a warm blanket on a cold night. A private oasis, a moment of comfort in a lonely city before the body gives in to sleep. This is no throwaway music. This is music to keep, to live with, to grow with. This is music in which comfort can be sought and solace found.

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