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A: One Thing More
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B: One Thing Less

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Two dynamic tracks from old heads, differentGear, make up the next EP for Crosstown Rebels, 'One More Thing', a package set to captivate hearts and minds. 'One More Thing' and 'One Thing Less' could only be created by those with knowledge of the history of a scene. Beautifully crafted records that fill the room with magic and leave the listener feeling enlightened. 'One More Thing' features Arianne Schreiber on vocals, a hooky spooky time-shifted vocal over a haunting hooky groove with a barrage of groovy ominous synths.. “Serial Seduce Me!” 'One Thing Less', it maybe, but what it takes with one hand it gives with the other. Hold tight, as we descend into an eerie underbelly of the A side. Don your sonic waders and drop this sonic timebomb in the lost hours and watch the devastation unfold. These are wonderful productions that herald the return of one of the most successful house acts of the early part of the decade. Magnetic beats and whispered vocals, the dub giving a new angle on the original, and each record a contender for classic track of the coming summer. differentGear started life a decade ago. . Their first massive record was the 'When The World is Running Down', sampled The Police and shot up straight into the charts, followed by 'Drink To Get Drunk' which became an Ibiza anthem on legendary imprint Strictly Rhythm and catapulted differentGear further into the consciousness of the mainstream. A ton of remix work ensued and Crosstown Rebels own Damian Lazarus picked one of their productions, differentGear have got more music and their friends at Crosstown Rebels still believe in the past leading to brighter new parts of the future. So they cut this spanking new slab of vinyl which will be played very loudly, through a big loudspeaker, near you, soon.