Io - Cabaret EP on Diynamic Music

Io - Cabaret EP

Diynamic Music [DE] | DIYNAMIC 029 - Nov. 18, 2010

Vinyl || House / Tech-House

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Two talented house fans and DJ’s are behind Ukrainian act, and new Diynamic artists ‘iO’. With only their second release, they show an exciting and fruitful new direction… The duo’s talents have been honed not only from their regular DJ sets but also from presenting their weekly radio shows on DJ FM and Kiss FM in their home country. Diynamic Music are pleased to welcome them to the family.

2000 and One: “Super funky stuff! Will play 4 sure!!!”

Agnes: “Love the groove of the whole release !!! Sure play over here, it swiiiiings ! ”

Al Redmond - (Phonic Express/R: “Every track here is unique in its own way but still carries a similar flow to it. Perfect for back room funky groovy sets or even sunday afternoon rooftop parties (could have done with this last Sunday). Matin is the pick of the bunch. burning my copy of this package right now guys. Supporting.”

Andi Durrant – (Galaxy FM UK): “Caberet is nice.. If I'd have been old enough to go to the Ministry of Soun in 1996 I imagine it would have sounded like this (in a good way!).”

Andy Baxter - (We Love/Cafe Ma: “Clearly the best label of our time and once again all tracks are incredible.”

Ant - (Audiofly): “Cabaret is cool, Broadway too ....will support...”

Anton Pieete: “Caberet makes me happy!! :)”

Bart Skils: “Excellent tracks… this is great! Full support!”

Brett Johnson: “Matin is nice and deep, will play…”

Brothers Vibe: “HOT!!!!”

Butch: “Fine tunes for grownups! Broadway!”

Chris Lattner: “Wow! 4 tracks and i will play all of them. cannot decide which one is the best but i prefer cabaret! these guys get my full support and i am looking forward their next appearance. thank you ver much for this great music!!!”

Coyu: “Jeton is for me! Disco funky beats in da house! Matin is also great, warmer but with lotta of energy. Will play both!”

Craig Morrison - (Silicone Sou: “Very cool, life's a Caberet! Actually caberet is dope, really growing on me more with each listen, a extra star is deserved!”

Daniel – (Trickski): “I really like the old school feel of Cabaret. Will play it for sure.”

Danny Fiddo: “Caberet has been one of my fav tracks and most played in these months.”

Davide Squillace: “Love the label! Top release...”

Deetron: “Cabaret is a great tool and it has a funny side to it too, which sounds fresh. I like Jeton as well.”

Dennis Ruyer – (Dance Dept. Ho: “SICK , Cabaret all the way , this is one of my fav tunes to get things going right now! SUPPORT!!!! ;)”

Dinamo FM Istanbul: “Excellent EP. Love all of it.”

Dirt Crew: “Liking the last releases on DIY. This EP is also great!!”

DJ Hell: “Nice tunes here ! will go in my playlist !”

DJ Yellow: “Very tasty… love them all… great production!”

DOP: “Great one again..i think they makes DJ’s happy on the decks, and us on the dancefloor, respect.”

D’Julz: “All of the tracks are nice!”

Einzelkind: “I like Caberet’s beats…. Will make an edit;o)”

Gavin Herlihy: “Broadway is my fave here. killer! the rest for an all round great release.”

Gorge: “Dick Digg Digga!! Fetter release und voller support! Matin!”

Gregor Tresher: “Very cool EP, nice n classic sounding stuff! Caberet for me.”

Guy Gerber: “Really cool house tools.My fav is Cabaret!”

Hernan Cattaneo: “Broadway for me.”

i-DJ Magazine UK: “Have reviewed in iDJ. Lovely stuff!”

Ian Pooley: “Big stompers! In da box!”

Italoboyz: “Great release! All tracks are nice! Will play!””

Jimpster: “Nice release! Plenty of stuff to play on this one.”

Joris Voorn: “More summer tracks from Diynamic!”

Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Glob: “Its a big musical pleasure!!! Lovely music for play on my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio, and reaaly good for play at Space Ibiza,respect.”

Julien Chaptal: “Great tracks guys! Will play this for sure!”

Kabale und Liebe: “Broadway in the party box!”

Karlos Sense - (Sonica Radio I: “Uuuuufff!! Are Greeaat!!! I make support in my next sets. Thanks”

Karotte: “Cabaret and Broadway are great tracks. Full support!”

Lauhaus: “Broadway is great!”

Laurent Garnier: “Ohhhh yessss Caberet! THIS IS FUNK , very much like a Mister G groove Looove it, --will hammer it!”

Layo Paskin: “Nice EP but Caberet/Matin stand out tracks, good house music.”

Luca Bacchetti: “Caberet and Matin are my fav tracks! well done!!!!"”

Luke Solomon: “Another great release!”

Marc Poppcke: “Great new house stuff. Jeton is my favourite track on this ep.”

Marco Carola: “Matin is a nice track!”

Martin Eyerer: “Good stuff. Will play Saturday in my show.”

Martin Landsky: “Cabaret is a prime time rocker...will work 100% on the floor...for sure i gonna play it.. matin is nice, too...”

Masomenos: “Matin is nice for the morning!”

Matthias Vogt – (Motorcitysoul: “The first three tracks... well... but then suddenly "Matin" - love the deepness of this groove, well built, looking forward to play this one!”

Michel Cleis: “I like Cabaret!”

Milton Jackson: “Jeton and Matin are nice. many thanks."”

Misstress Barbara: “Great release, nice groovy house!!”

Nic Fanciulli: “Really like Jeton!”

Okain: “ really good release! My favourite track is Cabaret. Will play this a lot!”

Orde Meikle - (Slam): “Absolute top label - great stuff!”

Osunlade: “Matin works for me, the rest are just ok..too much beats and no melodies..”

Paul Woolford: “Jeton is amazing, it rocks!!”

Ramon Tapia: “Fantastic pack ...Broadway for me :)”

Robert Dietz: “Super bouncing release, cant decide which one is my fav. support!”

Rocco: “Hard to choose! Lovin all tracks. Well done as usually on this quality label! Jeton my fave.”

Rocky – (X-Press 2): “Cabaret is ace old skool house. Love it.”

Sasse: “Really well working EP, great tools of trendy houz music !!”

Shlomi Aber: “Nice EP. Jetin my pick.”

Simon Baker: “Very nice deep groovers for my bag. Thanks very much and keep up the good work. Full support from Baker.”

SIS: “Nice tune Cabaret!”

Steve Parry – (Juice FM UK): “Cabaret is a wicked track, love it, Broadway is a cool groove. Jeton is good - infectious and housey, but with teh break it adds some beef! matin is decent too. very good 4 track EP. Full support, all are playable for me.”

Stuart McMillan - (Slam): “Love this .Broadway is my fav.”

Stuart Patterson - (Faith/Mini: “Killer ep, not a weak track anywhere.”

Terry Francis – (Fabric London: “Jeton my fave. All pretty strong though. Very nice house!”

Thomas Schumacher: “Ter Pasch. Diynamic gewinnt. Mal wieder!!! ”

Till von Sein: “Eieiei..sick stuff here!..really like Caberet, will do a lotta damage but i like the other trax even more,especially broadway,perfect groove for my sets..”

Tom Wax – (You FM Germany): “Four brilliant tracks! Wow!”

Wally Lopez: “Full support four great tracks...IO have the funk.”

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