RIBN - This Feeling on Mild Pitch Music GBR

RIBN - This Feeling

Mild Pitch Music GBR [DE] | MILD 001 - Sep. 1, 2009

Vinyl || House / Tech-House

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This Feeling
This Feeling (Rapid Snare Edit)

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Welcome and hello to the first release on Mild Pitch, the newly launched label from Essen, Germany. Founded by Manuel Tur, Dplay and Langenberg you can expect tons of groundbreaking and earthshaking house music on this label in the future.

The first release is called 'This Feeling'.

Produced by Essen’s finest, Ribn, this tune is what house music should be all about. Ribn is a project of Manuel Tur and Langenberg that sort of happened by accident. After some productive jam-sessions in their studio they discovered that both shared a passion for deep and dubby
techno tracks and all of a sudden they had their first releases on Styrax Leaves, Millions Of Moments and Ovum.
A stunning new EP on Mule Electronic will be released very soon. “This Feeling” is a deep, chord-driven track in the tradition of Global Communications infamous 'The Way', that with its enormous vocal loop and warm harmonies grows constantly to a catchy tune. With no doubts this track is a real peaktime smasher, which became obvious when being played for the first time at Mild Pitchs legendary 'Slow Club' parties in Essen.  The flipside includes the brilliant 'Rapidsnare Mix' of 'This

Big with: D'julz, Jimpster, Sebo K, Lawrence, Cle, Shitrobot, Ian Pooley, Solomun, Gerd Janson, Steve Bug, Josh Wink, Ame, Ingo Sänger,...

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