Solomun - Dance Baby (Album) on Diynamic Music

Solomun - Dance Baby (Album)

Diynamic Music [DE] | DIYNAMICLP 03 - Nov. 9, 2009

Vinyl || Minimal House / Tech House / Techno

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A1: Country Song
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A2: Boys In The Hood
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A3: Hypnotize
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B1: Cloud Dancer (Club Version)
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B2: Midnight Snack
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B3: Deep Circus
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C1: Blackout
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C2: Deja Vu
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C3: Forever
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D1: After Rain Comes Sun (Club Version)
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D2: Story Of My Life

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Diynamic main man, producer extraordinaire and glob trotting DJ, Solomun, delivers his debut long-player “Dance Baby” for the Hamburg based imprint in the Autumn of 2009. It is a staggeringly short time in which the Bosnian-born Croatian Mladen Solomun has exerted a considerable influence in house music. Just four years of consistent, forward thinking and innovative releases have propelled the gentle giant into the big league. His sterwardship of the Diynamic imprint, parties and radio show have won him an army of fans as well as providing a platform for other notable talent such as Stimming, H.O.S.H and Ost & Kjex to become similarly influential. The brilliant debut, “Dance Baby” sees Solomun further refine his craft and delivering an album which provides a neat but powerful insight into not just house itself, but his very personal view of the genre and it’s development. Just as early house did, “Dance Baby” distils disco, soul, funk and electronic sounds into a heady mix which flows like a classic DJ set – ebbing, flowing and taking in the whole spectrum of moods and energies. This flow also lends itself to home listening wonderfully, a rare trait for a house album and one that makes “Dance Baby” all the more endearing. Opener “Country Song” slides you into Solomun’s world with a 1 bar live bass loop doing all the work while layered keys and vocal ad-libs are scattered about the track creating a light, airy introduction. Darker edged cuts like the low slung “Boyz in The Hood” and the incredibly tweaked out “Blackout” create a sharp contrast but the programming means there are no moody quagmires to get caught in. As with much of his previous output, “Dance Baby” is oozing with classic house references, such as the Detroitian string stabs of “Hypnotize”, Chicago “jack” of “Déjà vu” and the rabblerousing vocals of “Cloud Dancer”.

Deetron: “"Very good fresh sounding album, my favourites are Hypnotize, Cloud Dancer, After the Rain...., Forever Dance etc! It's been a while since I have been able to burn a CD with just one artist, nice!"”

Digitalism: “I like it! Hammer Bass hat der Country Song. :)”

Guy Gerber: “"Love it!! Beautiful and relaxing but with a lot of funk:: will download later beacause iàm not on my computer: kisses to Solomun."”

Hernan Cattaneo: “"Great album. Top stuff!! Impossible to choose one. 4 Stars!"”

Loco Dice: “Schönes Album Homie !!!!!!”

Manuel Tur: “besten dank, hab das album jetzt ein paar mal laufen lassen und es hellt mir das gemüt zum grauen herbstanfang wunderbar auf. perfekte spätsommerverlängerung favourite track: Forever!”

Oliver Huntemann (Ideal Audio): “Wow, great album. It is deep, it is dark, it is housy but not cheesy. I would call it sexy. Very strong tracks. Solomun knows how it works. All tracks are great but my favourites are Cloud Dancer, Blackout and Deja Vu.”

Raveline: “Der Hamburger Shootings-Star Solomun, der in diesem Jahr seinen absoluten Durchbruch feiert releast im Oktober seinen ersten Longplayer namens „Dance Baby“. Nach Hits wie „Lemniskate“ oder „Black Rose“ ist der angesagte Diynamik-Künstler ein ebenso gefragter Remixer. Im Juli fertigte er u.a. für Inga Humpe’s 2Raumwohnung einen äußerst groovigen Remix für „Wir Werden Sehen“ an. In „Dance Baby“ stellt uns Solomun in elf Tracks sowohl seine ganzen Fähigkeiten, sowie seine Liebe zum unerbittlichen, treibenden Funky Groove unter Beweis. Die Hamburger Diynamic Fraktion um Kollektiv Turmstraße, H.O.S.H., Chris Gruber, Stimming und Solomun machen in letzter Zeit mit grandiosen Produktionen von sich reden. Wir sind gespannt was uns in Zukunft aus der Hansestadt erwartet”

Ray Okpara: “"Country Song is my favourite. Full support."”

Reboot: “"Amazing album!! Full support!"”

Sascha Funke: “mensch mladen, du machst ja sachen, weiß gar nicht welchen track ich als erstes spielen soll;) danke and glückwunsch für dieses tolle album. r.e.s.p.e.c.t. ....aber wenn ich mich festlegen müsste wäre es glaub ich "forever" volle mole people feelings;)”

Thomas Schumacher: “"The Bible accredits Solomun as the builder of the First Temple in Jerusalem and portrays him as great in wisdom, wealth, and power and...a king(Wiki). I hail to you King Mladen and offer my total loyalty "”

Tiger Stripes: “I really like this album, especially the 2nd half of it. Its deep, its melodic, its sad, its funny and it´s great.”

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