Mymy Feat Emika - Price Tag on Aus Music

Mymy Feat Emika - Price Tag

Aus Music [UK] | AUS 0924 - Dec. 10, 2009

Vinyl || House / Tech-House

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Price Tag
Lights Go Down
Price Tag (Appleblim & Komonazmuk Remix)

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A typically playful (yet devilishly hooky) MyMy bass line and drum program perfectly complement Emika’s sumptuous vocal. A flash of whimsical guitar introduces the vocal fully as percussion is delicately layered and the groove is suitably enhanced before the final breakdown, which somehow evokes thoughts of the English countryside and a Morrecone western all at once. Only MyMy could pull off this palette so gracefully. ‘Lights Go Down’ is an altogether more heads down affair with a hypnotic quality entirely suited to the peak time dancefloor. A pulsating bass riff intertwines with Emikas vocal to create a heady groove that continues to roll and evolve right up until…well…the lights go down…. Right from the Detroit esque opening chords of the Appleblim & Komonazmuk remix there is a feeling that something special is going to unfurl. Dark, trancy garage is how Laurie ‘Appleblim’ describes it and who are we to disagree. Skippy, proto-garage drums and spine-tingling melodies ride-a-top of a rather rude west-country via Bootsy bassline. When the sub line drops at the final breakdown you WILL have a smile on your face. If you don’t then there is something wrong with you frankly. For the second time this year Appleblim & Komon have nailed their remix for Aus. Big Ups! Continuing with the west country theme Bristol bred Sideshow gets his Space Echo out and goes to town. He draws out the dub of the original bassline and wraps everything in a cloak of dubbed out lushness, switching between half and full speed at will with the bass-line keeping things steady and correct. Do not be deceived, this has a deceptive punch on the dance floor.

AUS0924 in the media

2000 and One: “very nice sideshow rmx ”

Andrew Grant: “the lil snap got me from the 1st beat...Light Go Down is the type of track that hits the afters hr spot perfect. ”

Brett Johnson: “Huge fan of MyMy, really into the playfullness of their productions. This is a more mellow release but quality none the less. Ill be supporting "Lights go done".... Thanks. ”

Charles Webster: “ quality mix from apple/komo..thnx.c.. ”

dirt crew: “price tag is great. also the applebim mix. ”

DJ Deep: “Like original Price Tag as well as Applebim mix ”

Fabrice Ligg: “Like all the mix , MyMY is Deeep ! ”

Jazzanova: “MyMy is mymy thingthing. The original Price tag. ”

Milton Jackson: “wow, really like this, love the chords on appleblim remix, lovely combination of genres here thanks”

Motorcitysoul: “best aus release for quite a while! like the feel of the original a lot. but even bigger: a & k remix!”

Patrice Baumel: “Lights Go Down is going to stay in my record case for a long time. Wonderful groove, beautiful voice. Perfect tech house. Appleblim & Komonazmuk remix also delivers the goods, this time UK garage style. tasty fucking release! ”

Rob Mello: “Love MyMy stuff. Original and Sideshow dub for me. ”

Shur-i-kan: “feeling the original, as usual the production quality is very high! ”

Simon Baker: “price tag for me here. nice. thanks ”

Swayzak: “off the wall and groovy, with plenty of room to boogie. ”