Kink / Tom Demanc - Bitter Sweet / Draw Me In on Liebe Detail

Kink / Tom Demanc - Bitter Sweet / Draw Me In

Liebe Detail [DE] | LIEBE 030 - Feb. 26, 2010

Vinyl || Tech House

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Kink - Bitter Sweet
Tom Demac - Draw Me In

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Kink - bitter sweet Kink has built up quite a reputation recently with some amazing work on Rush Hour alongside Neville Watson, and two slamming old-school-vibed remixes on Liebe*Detail. Now we present his debut original track for the label, and ‘Bittersweet’ really shows off his tender, heartfelt approach to House. Raw, beautiful, melancholic and spine-tingling, this is modern house with a harmonious nod to the pioneers; connecting with us on deeper levels and remaining within us forever. tom demac - draw me in Wales’ Tom Demac has already proved prolific as a producer constantly putting out genre defying, funky and ingenious hybrid House. Also his debut for Liebe*Detail, ‘Draw Me In’ takes on a strong and bass-heavy approach, with tight drums and freaky vocal-snippets melting together into a mutant jam of seismic proportions. Reduced, casual and yet deadly cool, its a welcome additions to Tom’s excellent production catalogue!

Feedback: “

Sebbo / Desolat:

both tracks are phat - will play !!



lovely stuff! especially enjoying the deep & dreamy offering by kink..

full support!


Alland Byallo:

Amazing. I’ve been playing Bitter Sweet for months now, dreading the day it would be released and cease to be my favorite secret weapon of all time.

Kink is definitely my artist to watch for 2010. Tom’s track is very great too, of course. Overall another SUPERB release from Liebe*Detail, my favorite label.


Ed Davenport:

rocking the tom demac - super chunky and effective!!


Anthony Collins:

whooo the kink track is hot !!

love it 



bitter sweet is a big one !

great reactions on the floor!


Kornél Kovács

I'm a huge KiNK fan and it's nice to hear him showcase his mellower

side after a string of rougher releases... Great track once again! Tom

Demac also delivers a good club track, all in all another great ld

release! Radio and club support from me!


Matthias Meyer:

kinks bitter sweet is one of my favourite tracks at the moment. its raw, beautiful and melancholic at the same time. the tom demac track is great too. for me one of the best liebe*detail releases! big support!



Thanx for sending this....I am a huge fun of Tom Demac's sound.....and this ep is a bomb.....Full support.



i will play both track, strong release , again


Kenneth Broxgaard aka DJ Patrick Bateman

The Kink track is really nice and brings back memories to old summer parties and umbrella drinks :o)

For me the business gets down with the Tom Demac track, a heavy groover that will fit perfectly into my sets, thanks!


Patrick Zigon (Puzzle Traxx): 

what a great combo - love both tracks!


David Durango:

this ep is a pure moment of pleasure ...... the track of tom is a bomb of war and the kink track is perfect slice of deep - best ep - full support


P. Toile:

me looove. thanks.


Marco Resmann:

really like both tracks. tom demac´s track is my favourite. will play for sure!



thanks for sending the ep .. i am into tom demac`s track



the kink track is great. once again a good one on liebe detail.


Daniel Kasprowicz (OFF rec. / Mutekki rec.):

WOW! Was für ein Release! Wird direkt geladen fürs WE!



Nick Curly (Cecille): “nice one”

Tama Sumo (Ostgut): “Nice one.”