Solomun - Remix:Session 05 (Official Release) on Diynamic Music

Solomun - Remix:Session 05 (Official Release)

Diynamic Music [DE] | DIYNAMIC 036 - Apr. 12, 2010

Vinyl || House / Tech-House

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A: Cloud Dancer (Manuel Tur's Syphon Drum Mix)
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B1: Cloud Dancer (Manuel Tur's Instrumental Mix)
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B2: Hypnotize (Tobi Neumann Remix)

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We are back to drop the fifth installment of our fantastic Remix:Session series, and it sees us once again revisiting Solomun’s highly acclaimed album ‘Dance Baby’. We are still riding high from the continual support for our last visit to the album, which saw Joris Voorn and Gorge create wonderful reworkings of ‘After The Rain Comes Sun’ and ‘Boys In The Hood’. Today we step things up once again, to raise the bar higher still… Step forward Manuel Tur and Tobi Neumann. Tur’s task of remixing ‘Cloud Dancer’, arguably the albums most popular track is no small feat. Which makes his majestic vision ever the more impressive. A heady and euphoric mix of power, soul and emotion. A tough mix to follow, but Tobi Neumann does so with aplomb on his remix of ‘Hypnotize’. Evoking memories of the heady days of ’90’s House, Toby delivers lashings of guitar licked funk and powerfully warm bass. Polished to perfection by the sultry vocals of Ilhem. This is one track that is calling out for sea, sunshine and beautiful people. Enjoy!

Heidi - "Cloud dancer is one of my fav's off the album and both remixes do it justice...Manuel Tur's is fierce, and Tobi's is discotastic!!!! Both will get played for sure."


Joris Voorn - "Some serious melodics in Manuel's mix! Great tension! Tobi's mix is very funky!"


Karotte - "Great remixes. I love the Manuel Tur vocal mix a lot, but Tobi´s mix is also nice."


Laurent Garnier – “Ohhhh yessssssss this is brilliant! Manuel Tur vocal!”


Kiki - "I´m a big fan of Manuel Tur´s and here really turns the best in this tune out! Big floor stuff!"


Andre Galluzzi – “Nice Tobi remix!”


Anja Schneider – “I already liked the original! But cant wait to play Tobi’s! Yeah!! Lovin it!”


Fred Everything - "Very strong package again. Manuel's mix is pure techno bliss. Probably a little hard for most of my sets but def ace. Enjoying Tobi's rework too, cheers!"


Stephan Bodzin – “Tur’s remix is just brilliant... long time since i heard this high quality-level. respect & support!”


King Unique – “Love the tumbling beats & Detroit flavours on this - packs a much bigger punch than the deep vibes initially suggest. excellent track.”


Thomas Schumacher - "Manuel's remix ticks ALL the right boxes. He turned an already great track into an anthem. Wow!"


Ben Watt - "Tobi for me ... ace!!"


Nick Warren – “Manuel Tur’s vocal mix is a bomb, and I love Tobi’s old school take!”

John Digweed - "Instrumental Mix is really good!"


Monika Kruse - "Hypnotize is sexy!"


Laurent Garnier - "Manuel Tur´s Vox Mix....ohhh yessssss this is brilliant!"


King Unique - "I love the tumbling beats & Detroit flavours on this - packs a much bigger punch than the deep vibes initially suggest. Excellent track."


Stephan Bodzin - "Tur's remix is just brilliant... long time sonce i heard this high quality-level. Respect & support."


Andre Galluzzi - "Nice Tobi remix!"


Anja Schneider - "I already liked the original! But cant wait to play Tobi! Yeah!! Lovin it!"


Ralph Lawson - "This was such a huge track or me, in my top ten last 2009 chart. Tobi Neumann mix here keeps it on the right tip. Is that a backing vocal he found that wasn't in original or new vox ? Shame it doesn't use more of the original vocal as it was mega."


Will Saul - "Both remixers have delivered the goods here. I think Manuel's remix will get the most love from me but Tobi's mix is also super. Full support."


UNER - "SUPERB!! All mixes are excellent!! ☺ My full love for Diynamic!!!" 


Christian Prommer - "Manuel Tur rocks all the way. Killer remix. thaanks. Will play for sure."


Gorge - "Manuel's remix is Killer! 5 of 5!"


Steve Bug - "I was never a big fan of the vocals, so i am going for the Tur instrumental mix! Great Detroitish tune, will play!"


Rainer Trueby - "Super dooper Manuel Tur Vocal Mix! Deep & dark!"


Paul Hamill - (Across The Line-BBC Ulster) - "Manuel Tur dub is incredible!!!"


Tom Wax - (Phuture Sounds Germany) - "Great remix by Manuel! Wow ..."


The Phonic Express - (RTE Pulse, Dublin) - "Mauel Tur instrumental is massive. Guaranteed floor filler. I love it. Nuff said."


Lele Sacchi (FLOOR Radio Italy) - "Manuel Tur goes epic on the best tune off Solomun's album. Perfect. Couldn't expect Tobi doing the discoking but here we go! Hypnotize is really good as well!


Stefano Fontana – (Computer Musik Italy) - "Great release! Love all tracks. Pure style from solid artist Solomun!"


Giorgio - (DJ Mag Italia) - "Will review for DJ Mag Italia - May 2010!"


Russell Deeks - (i-DJ magazine) - "Quality as ever from Solomun!"


Craig Torrance - (Mixmag) - "Loving Tobi Neumann's epic disco house rework! House of the Month in Mixmag."


Monika Kruse – “Tobi’s is sexy!”


Rodriguez Jr - "Was already a fan of the original track. Loving what Manuel Tur adds here - a massive bassline and a kind of dramatic intensity."


DJ Yellow - "Manuel Tur is the one for me as always. Tobi mix is also very cool too... will support this release in my Radio show and set.


Nick Warren - "Manual tur's vocal mix is a bomb and i love Tobi's old school take!"


Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Global Radio) - "Hypnotize (Tobi Neumann Remix)...oh yesss!!! big number 1 on Ibiza Global Radio, now remixed!!! full support!"


Kev O – (  - "Wow, just wow! Thought the last one couldnt be beat but this one surpasses. Amazing remixes!


Joe - (DJ Magazine) - "Deep, uplifting techno business from Manuel Tur. Ace."


Tsugi Magazine France - "Manuel Tur´s Vox one!"