Tres Feat. Frank Lorber - Uno, Dos (Picture Sleeve) on Cocoon

Tres Feat. Frank Lorber - Uno, Dos (Picture Sleeve)

Cocoon [DE] | COR 12071 - Mar. 26, 2010

Vinyl || Techno

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With his album “Jailhouse Rocker” from 2002 being one of the first artist album releases on the then brand new label, the 35-year-old Hessian DJ and producer Frank Lorber is intrinsically tied to the history of Cocoon Recordings. However, speaking of a comeback of Lorber would be both consequent and not thinking far ahead, as Tres is an artist collective being rather entrenched in the Frankfurt Tech House scene. Besides Lorber, 2Dollar Egg member Eric Besier and Bernd Maus, one half of Gadgets and co-owner of Freebase, one of Germany’s most successful record shops, form the trio Tres. After two Maxis for Lorber’s nummer label, the three beat wizards are now pumping up the bass on four tracks (two of them being included in the digital version only) to majestic size. While “Uno” with its subsonic rhythm texture is clearly made under the signs of reduction, “Duo” gives a slight foretaste to this year’s Open Air season with a significantly more playful touch of harmony and a percussive beat frame. When it comes to the digital bonus tracks, especially “Tres” convinces as an equally modern and depth-of-focus interpretation of tribal Dub Techno. Lorber is, together with his companions, in any case succeeding once again with a variation of electronic dance music that besides its focus on demanding movements still leaves enough room for nuances and personal interpretation.

Feedback: “

John Digweed - great stuff


Tiefschwarz - will play, thanks a lot


Luciano - thx ... downloaded and will play


Karotte - typical TRES and i love it. full support!!!


Phil Kieran - sound relly cool i like it , uno for number uno 


Laurent Garnier - i like the digital tracks


Stephan Bodzin - WOW!!! Uno & Cuatro for me. Really cool & groovy stuff 


Monika Kruse - drei zwei eins dance


Gregor Tresher - Sounds GREAT!! Will play out everywhere.


Tim Green  -  uno is really nice. will definitely play this out! cheers :) 


Franksen - uno and tres are my faves, bringing different bass sounds and pattern to the game


Markus Fix - really like this...


David Sanchez - LORBER IN ACTION!!! COOL!!



Mike Shannon (Cynosure, Wagon: “In my crate.”

Nick Curly (Cecille): “nice one, will check it out tonight”

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