Various Artists - Dinky In The Mix (Sealed) on Cocoon

Various Artists - Dinky In The Mix (Sealed)

Cocoon [DE] | CORMIX 028 - Nov. 7, 2016

CD || Minimal House / Minimal Trance / Tech House / Techno

Track info

Musica Libre & Daniel Stefanik - "Reaktivity 1" (intro)
Matthew Styles - "Binary Blues"
Odd Machine - "To Learn More"
Maayan Nidam - "Don't Know Why"
Nina Kraviz - "Petr"
Nina Kraviz - "CPT Time" (fear Jus Ed)
Dinky - "Amanda"
Demarkus Lewis - "Untitled Love Affair" (feat Lady Sah - Mr V Dubinstrumental)
Vlad Caia - "Brother Brother"
Soul Capsule - "Overcome"
No Regular Play - "Owe Me" (Deniz Kurtel remix)
The Updates - "So Happy"
Danuel Tate - "She Likes You?"
Nina Kraviz - "W-Bleu"
Laverne Radix - "Ass Tosser"
Motorcitysoul - "Vivid" (Roman Flugel remix)
Damian Schwartz - "Holloway"
Funktaxi - "Tunnel Vision"
Tensnake - "In The End (I Want To Cry)"
Dinky - "Paquita"
Blunted Dummies - "House For All"
The Mole - "Dog River"
Petre Inspirescu - "Actinune!"
Seuil - "Lost In The Soul Shower"
Bruno Pronsato - "Lovers Do"
Termiten - "Nordhorn"
Pier Bucci - "La Cortina De Hierro Y El Pajaro Cantor"
Musica Libre 1975 - "Outro"

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Alejandra Iglesias aka Dinky, born in Chile, is not a stranger to the scene, especially since her sensational 12″ for Cocoon Recordings “Acid In My Fridge". Since 2005, she runs her own label Horizontal, where she releases - besides her own, often experimental tracks - music from Matthew Styles, Jambi, Andres Bucci and more. In February, her long-awaited first Mix-CD for Cocoon Recordings is to be released. “The mix is rather a non-conventional mix, as there are many unreleased tracks from friends and artists that I deeply admire, like Bruno Pronsato, Matthew Styles and The Mole, as well as some tracks from ladies I really love musically, like Nina Kraviz, Laverne Radix or Deniz Kurtel who provide an extra feminine touch to the Mix-CD. I also assmbled different styles, so it is like a three-hour-set condensed to one hour. The idea is to show as much freedom in dance music as possible, the mix is not solely intended for the club or a big room but is focused on the most intimate club, afterhour and warm up moments with a strong emphasis on atmosphere. Emotion, feminity and depth are very important for me as an artist. I also try to keep the mix very modern, almost avant garde and visual, with new sounds and cutting edge tracks but without missing the club groove. As DJs, we usually feel we need to please hundreds or thousands of people in a club or at festivals. We have the pressure to make the ravers dance, scream and raise their hands frantically. Of course , we are in the club to party - but I feel and wish that sometimes we would try to be more brave and show the other side of the coin, which I will try to do with this project. This ‘rave alarm pressure’ is limiting us too much as artists and keeps us afraid of playing the most challenging, deep and beautiful music, as we are afraid of losing the floor. I wanted to get rid of this fear on this mix and show another side of dance music.”

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