Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation J CD on Cocoon

Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation J CD

Cocoon [DE] | COR CD 023 - Sep. 20, 2010

CD || Minimal House / Minimal Trance / Tech House / Techno

Track info

Moritz Von Oswald - Cocoon Dark Dub
Basti Grub & Komaton - Sick
Pantha Du Prince - Bolder
Mathias Kaden - Rave Strikes Back
Nick Curly - Keep On
DJ Koze - Sbooty
Loco Dice - La Bicicletta
Dubfire - Rejekt
Popof - Roxy
Extrawelt - Simpleton
Ricardo Villalobos - Humusweg
Reboot - The Unspoken Word

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When the still young Frankfurt label Cocoon Recordings discovered the long-playing format with its Compilation A in Summer 2000, probably nobody could have, even approximately, foreseen the success story of this series. For ten years now, the cocoon-style declination of the alphabet is a guarantor for high-class and exclusively produced floor burners by the international Techno and House elite, and, beyond that, a reliable indicator for the stylistic bandwidth of contemporary electronic dance music. And even with the previous editions A to I having set the bar damn’ high, the J edition starts with a true musical sensation, as the opener “Cocoon Dark Dub” comes from nobody less than Moritz von Oswald. “Those who - even just rudimentary - have followed the evolution of electronic music over the last twenty years, know about the outstanding importance of von Oswald’s timeless classics like “Domina", “M-4″ or the whole Basic Channel series. Insofar, “Cocoon Dark Dub” is maybe the nicest birthday present at all, and an absolute honour for our label.” (Sven Väth) So, initially, it’s the heartbeat of Dub Techno that pulsates through a lonely piano and noise fractals, and club world keeps its breath for a good eight minutes. However, the Compilation J literally puts out all the stops over the following 110 minutes playtime and shows what modern electronic dance music has to offer in these times. The Dial impresario Pantha Du Prince from Hamburg is celebrating crystalline ice dance ("Bolder"), while Cécille label head Nick Curly, with his sensual Tribal House, is feasting the most compact form of Disco Boogie that one can imagine ("Keep On").

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