Axel Bomann - Holy Love on Pampa

Axel Bomann - Holy Love

Pampa [DE] | PAMPA 004 - Jul. 28, 2020

Vinyl || House / Tech-House

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A: Holy Love (Featuring J. Jonason)
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B1: Purple Drank
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B2: Not So Much

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For the fourth release on DJ Koze and Marcus Fink’s Pampa imprint, hyperactive hotshot house hunk Axel Boman steps up and delivers a stunning debut EP for the label. Since many years an important force on the small but friendly Swedish club scene, and one third of the Studio Barnhus crew together with Kornél Kovács and Petter, Axel is as experienced a producer as his ideas are fresh. This tattooed Swede often talks about creating “worlds” rather than “tracks", and on his “Holy Love” EP we are transported to three very different places indeed. The title track, a collaboration with vocalist J Jonason, invites you to take part in a lazy afternoon cocktail party onboard an old sailing boat in Gothenburg’s archipelago. Ten City are mixing up the White Russians and Giorgio Moroder’s estranged Swedish grandson is peeling the shrimp. You fall asleep on the patio and wake up in a sweaty basement later that night. Through the shabby speakers of one of those small but friendly Stockholm night clubs, you hear “Purple Drank", a sleazy, sexy number that draws influences from Houston style screw music, classic deep house and hypnotic techno. The irresistible vocal hook - “I woke up with your name on my lips” has already echoed across dance floors from Tokyo to Amsterdam. Bouncy yet unsettling, this track is probably the most obvious DJ’s favorite on the EP. Morning comes yet again, and for the after party we head to Axel’s private rooftop terrace in sunny Gröndal. The laptop speakers are banging out the most loved up piano loop you ever heard. “Not So Much” is as simple and naïve as Axel Boman’s haircut, a perfect ending to a perfect night and a perfect little record from this imperfect genius of a dance music producer.

Feedback: “


Prins Thomas – “Loving all the stuff on Pampa so far, this is no exception ”


Nicolas Jaar – “Just as I hear Soul Clap play it, I get this from you! I LOVE Purple Drank - vocals are amazing, progression and groove is great - also really smart bassline. The other two have a nice "light" quality to them but they don't touch my heart like Purple Drank does. Thank you very much for sending.”


Peter Kruder – “Holy Love is amazing. Fantastic vibe. Loooove this and will play this for sure. Purple Lips is the deep shizznit. Love and play it too. Not so much is sweet as well. Supadupa release on the splendid Pampa!”


Steve Bug – “I just woke up with your name on my lips und plötzlich war ich zurück in der pampa! Nut maybe that's only because i am still purple drunk! Not as drunk as yesterday, when we were doing holy love! But this ep is still sounds nice to me! Purple Drank ist aber definitiv am weitesten vorne für mich! danke für den tollen abend!”


Silicone Soul – (Craig) – “Pampa are looking like one of the escapes to the future in the darkness of today's mediocracy - 3 wonderfully spirited tracks!”


Ashley Beedle – “A great EP. Holy Love is an absolute killer. I can see myself playing this for a long time to come. Big support.”


Lee Curtiss – “Fantastic EP, full support, all the tracks are top notch.”


Frank – (Ame) – “I’m gonna try Purple Drank.”


Thomas Schumacher – “Best gayhouse record in ages. Thanks Marcus! ”


Funk D’Void – “Jesus, what an EP!!”


Alex Wolfenden – (Café Mambo Ibiza) – “Holy love more like holy shit, quality tracks full support!”


Diversions – (CHRY Toronto) – “Nice & smooth vibes - feelin' PURPLE DRANK!”


Phonic Express – (RTE Ireland) – “Holy Love captures a great warm deep house flavour. Perfect for my sunday afternoon slot at the Rooftop party in dublin today. Cool vocals too.”


Stefano Fontana – (Computer Musik Italy) – “Not So Much is very deep and funk as a better Moodyman!!   great!!”


Chris C – (Dinamo FM/Acik Radio Istanbul) – “I will write a review about this! And will play play play play...”


Celtronic Radio – (RTE Ireland) – “Purple Drank is lovely. Really liking it. Will feature on Ceoltronic tonight.”


Roual Galloway – (Faith Fanzine/Radio) – “Nice little package - would like to hear a strong remix of Holy Love but other than that all good from me.”


Jose Maria Ramon – (Ibiza Global Radio) – “Wowh!!! Beautiful,,, special music for my radio shows on Ibiza Global Radio full support, sounds amazing.”


Anthony Collins - "Holy Love is bomb."


Paul Woolford - "Purple Drank is perfect for the late night/early morning afterhours vibes..."


Sebo K - "Loving this release! Especially Purple Drank. Full support."


Luke Solomon - "Absolutely brilliant single!!"


Ewan Pearson - "Holy Love and Purple Drank both stone cold killers. Brilliant!"


dOP - "Just miss our remix !! But great.."


Glimpse – “Thanks for this.  I love it full support !!!!!  All tracks are super strong hard to pick a favorite. If you ever want a remix or anything please hit me up.”


Juergen – (Jazzanova) – “Thanks a lot for that. I like all three tunes. They are playful and surprising. The neo boogie "Holy Love" might be the one to play out for me. All the best and good luck with this release.”


Christian Prommer - "Dope tunes. Purple Drank is the one. Great vibe. Deeeeep."


Daniel (Trickski) - "Superb! XL is on fire! I have been loving the work of the nicest and most inspired upcoming producer for quite some time. Even though I had two of these tracks for quite some time now, they still sound as fresh to me as they did on day one. I love XL for not wandering the beaten path again and still coming up with this amazing sound! 1000 TRACK!"


Jimpster - "Brilliant EP all round. Will be playing all three of these at different times. Loving Pampa!"


Soul Clap - "Wow! This is just amazing. Definitely one of the best labels right now. Such a diverse and awesome ep. Cant wait to play Holy Love!!"


Seth Troxler - "Purple Drank is the bomb!"


Ali Schwarz - (Tiefschwarz) - "Another wonderful Pampa release."


Basti Schwarz - (Tiefschwarz) - "Servus, super platte..!!"


Tobi Neumann - "Purple Drank sounds deep & dirty to me.. like it!"


Yannick (Trickski) - "This is an absolute bomb. Will play Purple Drank forever. one of the records of the year. congrats!"


Matthew Dear - "Holy Love...Yes!!"


Laurent Garnier - "Love this EP! Full support from me."


Greg - (Catz n Dogz) - "FANTASTIC! Big fan of Pampa rec!"


Rainer Trueby - "A very pleasant EP."


Mathias Kaden - "Great music!!!!!"


Steve Parry - (Juice FM UK) - "Holy Love is super cool."


Makossa - (Radio fm4) - "Nice, funky vibes .. good stuff."


Russ - (i-DJ magazine) - "A different-sounding release for sure, might take a few listens..."


Kev O – ( - "Absolutely stunning EP all-around, Purple Drank is a major groover, loving the vocal bits.. I woke with your name on my lips .. oh how sexy!!!"


Tsugi Magazine France - "Holy Love..coool one!"


Agus - (Deejay Magazine Spain) - "Holy shit! Holy Love is the perfect song for this summer soundtrack! Looove it! Not So Much is pretty good too."


Tassilo – (Raveline) - "Not So Much...yes man!"


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