Fausto Messina - Boungaville EP on Diynamic Music

Fausto Messina - Boungaville EP

Diynamic Music [DE] | DIYNAMIC 041 - Sep. 13, 2010

Vinyl || House / Tech-House

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A1: Amor Lleno De Esperanza
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A2: Tomelas Frias
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B1: Boungaville
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B2: Tomelas Frias (Swing Version)

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This time we welcome our very first Italian artist, Fausto Messina. Well known within his country’s house scene, Fausto is renowned for his legendary parties, ‘The Better Day’ and ‘Kisses From Venice’, in his home city of Milan. An expert DJ, Fausto has, over the past couple of years, transferred those skills to the studio. His productions have already seen releases on Wir, Big City Beats, Suara and International Freakshow and have been licensed by Sven Vath for his ‘Season Eight’ Cocoon compilation. Today’s Diynamic EP sees him serve up a tasty platter of beats. Driving, powerful and wickedly funky, with beautiful Balkan elements. With Loco Dice already giving early support on “Boungaville", this EP is set to rock the summer floors! Enjoy!

Feedback: “

Josh Wink - "Amor is a heavy influence from Marshal Jefferson's "Move your body" and will create a party due to that!"


Radio Slave - "Wow....Boungaville is coool....deep but driving...love the atmosphere ! vinyl?"


Ali Schwarz - (Tiefschwarz) - "Amor Lleno De Esperanza is nice!"


Ellen Allien – “My favourites are Amor and the Swing versions. Will play!”


Nick Warren - "Boungaville is a rocker, and Amor is a winner too!"


Alex Celler - "Thanks for sending this EP!"


Joe - (Hot Chip) - "I'm into 'Amor Lleno' the most. Good ep!" 


Hernan Cattaneo - "Boungaville is very good."


Nick Curly - "Big release...full support!!"


Andy Baxter - (Pacha & Cafe Mambo) - "Love the old school riff. Love the old jazz vibe of frias FULL support!"


UNER - "Amor lleno de Esperanza... latin feelings!!!! love it! :D Always Diynamic!"


Onur Ozer - "Thanks for the nice music!" 


Julien Chaptal - "Really like Amor Lleni De Esperanza. The other tracks are less my thing."


Butch - "Great EP!"


Luca Bacchetti - "It's a party! great release! Will play!" 


Deetron - "Really like the beats of tomelas frias but Boungaville is even better, nice one!"


Satoshi Tomiie - "Nice Package, will support."


Lee Burridge – “Nice familiar feel to track one. Too much horn action for me in two and three. Four is fun though!”


Solo – “Really really good vibes! Italians do it better!”


Joris Voorn – “Sweet summr vibes! Amor Lleno… for me.”


Coyu – “Nice to see Mr. Messina in DIY. Nice Ep as usual. All the tracks are good in his own way. Good mix between ethnic and school sounds.”


Across The Line – (BBC Belfast) – “Very funky, these will wreck the floor. Particularly like Boungaville.”


Ibiza-voice.com – “To be reviewed!”


Wally Lopez - "Excellent release as usual...support!"


Thomas Schumacher - "Probably most favourite Diynamic release this year. Great tracks, all of them!"


Tom Findlay - (Groove Armada) - "Amor Lleno De Esperanza is my fav."


Danny Howells - "Great stuff, will play Amor Lleno De Esperanza this weekend."


Delete - "Really nice tracks from fausto!!! Amor lleno and Boungaville are dope!!! Will play this weekend!"


Ralf - "Bouganville is a stunning piece of music."


Gregor Tresher - "Sound nice, will try the swing version."


Hector Romero - "Tomelas Frias is rocking - I'm all over it!"


Andrew Grant - (DC-10) - "Amor Lleno De Esperanza is BIG!"


Rocky - (X-Press 2) - "Gotta have house.... music! These tracks sound like many things. Good."


Dave Seaman - "Very nice house tracks."


Andy Cato - (Groove Armada) - "Nice EP!"


AFFKT - "Awesome, Boungville sounds awesome."


Bushwacka! - "Really strong!!"


Tom Wax - (Phuture Sounds Germany) - "Strong EP!"


Karlos Sense - (Ibiza Sonica) - "Amazing tracks.. Perfect Music... Full Support in my sets.... Withouth words for Boungaville."


Steve Parry - (Juice FM) - "Very cool Ep - liking all of them - especially Amor and Boungaville."


De:Bug Magazine Germany - "Review to follow."


Russ - (i-DJ magazine) - "Liking the gypsy flourishes on Tòmelas Frìas."


Ed - (Mixmag) - "Amor Lleno De Esperanza...Loving this."


ONLY FOR DJ's Magazine France - "Nothing to throw away in this EP.. Incredible! House at its best, with this kind of folklo touch that fits with the actual trend on the dancefloor. Excellent! Review in ONLY FOR DJ's #160, excellent release!"


Feygin - "Boungaville is the hotness! Big EP here from a big label."


Riva Starr - "Amor Lleno De Esperanza is big!"


Lauhaus - "Nice debut. Will play for sure."


Orde Meikle - (Slam) - "Liking Tomelas Frias and Boungaville - playing!"


Voitek - (Catz n Dogz) - "Cool release. FUN!"


Joe Ransom - (Kiss FM) - "Tomelas Frias is great, full support from me!"


Ceoltronic Radio - (RTE Pulse, Dublin) - "EP sounds great. Will feature on Ceoltronic Radio tonight."


Jose Maria Ramon - (Ibiza Global Radio) - "Amazing!!! I heard Tomalas frias playing with Solomun this summer in Ibiza, all the beach was crazy with this track!!! Congrats ad full support from Ibiza Global Radio :)"


The Phonic Express - (RTE Pulse, Dublin) - "Gotta agree with Loco Dice....Boungaville is a monster. Full radio/club support."


Agus - (Deejay Magazine Spain) - "When Solomun was playing in Ibiza a few weeks ago, I listened a move-your-body-esque track a couple of times. I thought "this track is amazing". Just I found the name of the track out: "Amor Lleno De Esperanza" " 


Craig - (Mixmag) - "Loving Boungaville, heard Dice play it last week. It uses the horn sample pedro used before, but more extensively, and it work fairly well. The track also has a driving groove which i'm feeling..."


Kev O – (Datatransmission.co.uk) - "Amor Lleno De Esperanza is most definitely the floor-filler here.. also digging the dubbier, techier vibe of Tomelas Frias, nice vox fills in this one as well."