Onur Ozer - Clavichordrama on Cocoon

Onur Ozer - Clavichordrama

Cocoon [DE] | COR 12078 - Oct. 11, 2010

Vinyl || Techno

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One cannot appreciate the artistic approach of Onur Özer in its full depth without referring to his cultural origins. After all, Istanbul has been a place to meet and to exchange thoughts, not only regarding the trade between the continents, but especially regarding fine arts. So, it only seems consequent that Özer’s music instruments a location somewhere ‘in-between’. Since 2005, his tracks - and his acclaimed 2007 debut “Kasmir” - are released on the Berlin-based label Vakant and belong to the most exciting music that Techno had to offer over the last few years. No wonder that musicians like 2Raumwohnung and Depeche Mode singer Dave Gahan have been counting on Onur’s remix talents. The brilliant opener of his 12″ debut on Cocoon Recordings, “Clavichord", takes a Hammond-like organ sound as the starting point for what becomes a hard-to-catch and multi-rhythmic event, where the bass drum emerges not until the track is running already three minutes, forming a sheer vibrating fantasy of almost 12 minutes out of untamed energy that needn’t to be afraid of any comparison with the tracks of Ricardo Villalobos, for instance. The flipside “Oval” is drawing this bow further to an open reverb room that houses permanent layer sounds, choir and signal-horn sounds, as well as LFO impulses, before after five minutes the bass drum finally takes you by the hand. Futurist Techno that needs some time to listen to, but can also surprise you with sound sensations never heard before, even after playing the track a 100 times.

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