Klunk & Zilly / Pusherman - Klunk & Zilly Label Sampler on Klunk

Klunk & Zilly / Pusherman - Klunk & Zilly Label Sampler

Klunk [UK] | KLUNK 001 - Jan. 31, 2018

Vinyl || Tech House

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A1: Klunk & Zilly - Intent
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A2: Klunk & Zilly - Purrspective
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B1: Klunk & Zilly - Peggit
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B2: The Pushaman - The Arena (K&Z Remix)

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Producer and fabric resident Terry Fracis has a new record label in the works, with the first 12-inch due out at the beginning of December. The label is called Klunk & Zilly, named after two characters from the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines. Asked why he chose this title, Francis says "because it's silly and I think going out should be fun and silly." In fact, quite a bit about the label stems from this not-so-serious way of looking at things. Case in point: Francis names Klunk, a gibberish - speaking television character, as his main partner in the project. "I met Klunk about two years ago. He's my imaginary friend from the pub next door. We started making some music together and it was like we'd known each other in a previous life. But like his cartoon character I couldn't understand what the fuck he was saying, so I just didn't bother and concentrated on the groove." Klunk & Zilly will be a vinyl-only operation. In terms of style, Francis says the label emphasizes "tough, deep, quirky, spaced-out fun," with most tracks coming from the production outfit Klunk & Zilly (presumably Francis, maybe with a real-life collaborator).

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