Thomas Fehlmann - Titan One on Kompakt

Thomas Fehlmann - Titan One

Kompakt [DE] | KOMPAKT 224 - Oct. 5, 2015

Vinyl || Electronica

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Titan One

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Thomas Fehlmann is integral to Kompakt and the label's history. His solo releases and collaborative work with Alex Patterson as The Orb have been some of the Kompakt's most revered and cherished tunes. Following the success of his 2010 full length "Gute Luft" (a collection of re-edited versions from his score to the hit documentary "24HR Berlin"), we start 2011 off with "Titan One / DFM". On October 16, 2010 Thomas Fehlmann performed in Montreal, Canada at the historic Molson Coors Brewery building together with members of the Montreal Symphony Orchestra (OSM). Together they sought to recreate a version of Gustav Mahler's classic "Symphony No. 1 (Titan)". Kompakt is proud to now offer a new recording inspired by that epic concert of symphonic and electronic with a new recording inspired from that performance – renamed as "Titan One". The hum of cello's and strings conjoin Fehlmann's electronics – held together by the sublime, unobtrusive thump of a bass drum. "Titan One"Ê flows with a beauty and edacity that is rarely heard in both classical and electronic music form. ÊThe B-Side features a new recording inspired from the second piece of the performance - a new version of Thomas Fehlmann's "Du Fehlst Mir" from his 2006 Kompakt full length "Visions Of Blah". Reanimated as "DFM", the piece again conjoins the different musical worlds in a way we have never heard to such a high standard. A much more upbeat affair than to "Titan One" (of course) bass and keyboards mingle with the symphony the playfulness of the original song rolls throughout "DFM". ÊWhether as Palais Schaumberg, The Orb, or 3MB (to name only a few alias); Fehlmann may have 3 decades of professional recordings under his belt but he continues to prove to the world as being one of the most fascinating and creatively open musicians in his field. This release clearly proves his story is far from over.