Various Artists - 11 Years Cocoon Anniversary Remix Collection (Part 3) on Cocoon

Various Artists - 11 Years Cocoon Anniversary Remix Collection (Part 3)

Cocoon [DE] | CORLP 025.3 - May. 10, 2011

Vinyl || Minimal House / Minimal Trance / Tech House / Techno

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2000 And One - Tropical Melons (Paul Ritch Remix)
Argy - Unreliable Virgin (Tim Green Remix)

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The Eleven is - numerologically speaking- definitely not a lucky number in the Western culture. It exceeds perfection just by one and thus represents the number of excess and sin in Christian mythology; that’s why apocalyptic events always start in the eleventh hour. However, those who followed the output of the most successful German label for electronic dance music since 2000 to date are aware of the fact that Cocoon’s aim is rather the further development of sound instead of sticking to nostalgia, or portentous “Omen". Against this background, it may be a temporal coincidence but also totally logical that, on the occasion of the eleventh anniversary, this compilation breaks with traditions which people have come to like. Of course, it was a point of honour for Cocoon to release the most important remixes on a total of three vinyls, accompanying the CD release. “Vinyl is THE medium for everybody who sets high values on good sound. That’s why vinyl is still the Champion’s League for me and I will continue supporting and releasing it!” (Sven Väth) Paul Ritch, the Paris-based Resopal artist who established his reputation from 2007 on with a number of releases on Resopal, Get Physical Music (Fortuna, June), Fumakilla (Back to the Time), Paradigma Musik (Higher) and MiniSketch (Nordbanhof), starts off this EP with a stunning remix of 200 And One’s 2006 smash hit “Tropical Melons", and Tim Green - who was nominated in three categories at the “Best of British” Awards in 2010 and won the category “Best Breakthrough Producer” - finally puts the icing on the cake of Cocoon’s anniversary remix collection with an extremely well crafted remix of Argy’s “Unreliable Virgin"

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