Nick Höppner - Peck And A Pawn EP on Ostgut Ton

Nick Höppner - Peck And A Pawn EP

Ostgut Ton [DE] | O-TON 49 / 880319518317 - Jul. 25, 2011

Vinyl || Minimal House / Minimal Trance / Tech House / Techno

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A Peck And A Pawn (Original Version)
She Parked Herself (Original Version)
Swivel Flick (Original Version)

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Returning for a fourth EP on the label, Berlin's Nick Höppner continues his exploration into an ever-developing and rich production vocabulary. The rough goes with the smooth in perfect harmony on "A Peck And Pawn". Höppner's unique sound design leads to a dense wash of sound sparkling with airy details and his characteristic sub bass subtleties, as the whole track gels together in a pushing modern house triumph. The spaced out and traveling "She Parked Herself" is a real fusion of the many influences behind the producer's inspiration. Bubbling percussion and pretty melodic structures fuse with a melting analog bassline in this high-tech and positive jam. With its heavy bass and late-night atmospheres "Swivel Flick" slows the pace in a warm, dubbed and droning thinkpiece that is just as cinematic as it is direct for the club. Jostling just beneath the surface you'll find a wealth of details that really shows off Nick's talent and dedication to a non-standard groove.