Butane / Someone Else - Dink Touching Ep on Foundsound

Butane / Someone Else - Dink Touching Ep

Foundsound [US] | FOUNDSOUND 24 / 880319526718 - Feb. 8, 2012

Vinyl || Melodic House & Techno / Deep Tech

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Dink Touching (12' Edit)
Dink Touching (Agaric's Kirin Edit)
Etard (12' Edit)
Etard (Benjamin Fehr's Trop Tard Mix 12' Edit)

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foundsound24 – butane + someone else – dink touching ep as of late, butane and foundsound cofounder someone else have been enjoying the success of their new digital tool label, little helpers. and they continue to work together performing random collaborative live gigs and joint productions. this time around, butane and someone else join forces to bring you dink touching ep – with two heady dancefloor originals, plus remixes by agaric, benjamin fehr, fidget and butane himself. on a1 – "dink touching" – you get a driving soulful climactic head-bomb. on a2 – "dink touching (agaric's kirin edit)" – agaric of labels like we are, ovum and many others, gives you goose bumps with a dense melodic dancefloor killer. on b1 – "etard" – you get a blissy tech-house heart-gusher with a subtle indie rock vibe. on b2 – "etard (benjamin fehr's trop tard mix)" – catenaccio founder benjamin fehr darkens the bliss from the original into a deep and haunting mind-trip. on digital7 – "etard (fidget's heart n heady mix)" – unfoundsound's own fidget gives you a very deep and melodic shoegazer techno journey through trippy bliss. from dancefloor bombs to heady deepness, it's time for you to get your dink touched!

 plays by Sven Vath !

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