Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation K (CD) on Cocoon

Various Artists - Cocoon Compilation K (CD)

Cocoon [DE] | CORCD 027 - Jul. 18, 2011

CD || Minimal House / Minimal Trance / Tech House / Techno

Track info

David August - True Romance
Nina Kraviz - W-Bleu
Dinky - Luvin
Henrik Schwarz - Now This Way
Matt John - The Blue Storm
Maetrik - Caught Between
Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind - Icon
Argy - The Thrust
Butch - Antique
Sascha Dive - New Frontiers
Tom Trago - Fifth Fase
Minilogue - Blessed

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1 David August - True Romance 2 Nina Kraviz - W-Bleu 3 Dinky - Luvin 4 Henrik Schwarz - Now This Way 5 Matt John - The Blue Storm 6 Maetrik - Caught Between 7 Christian Burkhardt & Einzelkind - Icon 8 Argy - The Thrust 9 Butch - Antique 10 Sascha Dive - New Frontiers 11 Tom Trago - Fifth Fase 12 Minilogue - Blessed The Cocoon Compilation K, being the longplay flagship in the Cocoon catalogue, adequately starts the second decade of the label with a musical imperative. But don’t worry: even if the letter K has sometimes been misused as an indicator for the degree of hardness of some sonic noise in the past of the Tech-House scene, “K” is definitely the deepest survey of contemporary electronic dance music that has ever seen the light of day on Cocoon Recordings. The beginning is performed by the 20-year-old Berliner David August, who was able to establish himself as one of the most promising talents in the capital’s scene with releases on Diynamic and Stil Vor Talent. With its sensual and melancholic SloMo-Disco and a short Acid insert, “True Romance” sets a first massive musical exclamation mark. After this, it gets profoundly hypnotic, thanks to the Siberian singer and DJ/producer Nina Kraviz, who already caused a stir with her releases on Radioslave’s Rekids label and with being the host of Moscow’s Propaganda Club. Her dreamy vocals and the streamlined Deep House of “W-Bleu” are for sure something that Baby Ford would have been proud of, too. Following these two Compilation newcomers is Alejandra Iglesias aka Dinky, who was already able to give her career a big kick start with the unforgettable “Acid in my fridge” seven years ago. “Luvin” indulges the senses with a darkly shimmering Disco-House-Pop draft and some subtle Goldfrapp reminiscenses, and has thus what it takes to become one of THE summer tracks 2011. The Berliner-by-choice Henrik Schwarz from the Inner Visions circle is then uncompromisingly setting the course more to the dancefloor with his myt