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Jimmy Rave Up

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25-year-old Tim Green from the South of England is well-known to the attentive observer of the electronic dance music scene: Besides releases on Get Physical, Trapez and Four:Twenty Recordings, he also gained a lot of attention with his contributions to the third Cocoon 10″ vinyl ("Lone Rider") and the Cocoon Compilation I ("Exercise"). On his debut EP, Green presents the whole stylistic bandwidth that modern floorfillers can have. For almost ten minutes, “Lemon” oscillates between a full frontal percussion assault, fragmented Deep House vocals and Detroit-influenced harmonies, consequently setting the signs to ’summer’. The first track on the flipside, “Jimmy Rave Up", is a dark and pushing runner that impressively proves Green’s wealth of variants once again. The trio is completed by “Dodjo", a track that forms a more than pleasing intersection between tropic Calypso sounds and machine-like strictness - an unforgettable track that will echo long after the year 2011, promised!