Gesaffelstein - Conspiracy Part 2 on Turbo Recordings

Gesaffelstein - Conspiracy Part 2

Turbo Recordings [CA] | TURBO 106 - Jul. 31, 2018

Vinyl || Electro House / Electro Techno

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A: Viol
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B1: Opr
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B2: Conspiracy Origins

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Turbo's breakthrough artist of the year returns with the 2nd half of his Conspiracy EP. Supremely confident, Gesaffelstein drops the BPM way down on the lead tracks, drawing out an even heavier sound than on his last records. The slower tempo brings tougher beats and even meaner synth sounds. Incredibly, he's found a way to make his now-familiar palette sound completely fresh again.

More clearly than before, one can trace the development of an artist with a very refined musical agenda. Viol begins like the tuning of a modernist symphony, a brilliant aesthetic flourish before the track kicks off. OPR breaks down into a beautiful, futuristic synth-a-pella that recalls the best of Detroit techno, reminiscent of Dopplereffekt. Finally, on Conspiracy Origins - the only track composed in standard club tempo - tension builds and builds, waves of rising paranoia and driving rage run straight off a cliff. This is an outro with major attitude, inflected with violence and even contempt... he clearly knows exactly what the crowd wants, but has the good taste and restraint to only give them what HE wants, which is, incidentally, what they need.

2ManyDJs: i like music and i like gesaffelstein
Ewan Pearson: OPR is a awesome - mean low slung funk / synth drop dialectic. Love it.
A-Trak: My favorite sephardic jew of 2011.
Boys Noize: rocks!
Boris Dlugosch: I'm speechless. about to sell my studio. Gesaffelstein is a GENIUS!! Can't get enough of him.
Martyn: hes got some big balls doesnt he
Agoria: Berghain future Hit? Gesaffelstein is the best act that the french electro scene delivers since years.
Crookers: the e.p. is veryvery good.
MOTOR: Viol and OPR are arguably the most inspired and confident Gesaffelstein tracks to date. sound great at any BPM, cant wait to play these. good job Mikey!
Headman: Groovy and Dark! like it!!!
Paul Chambers: Sounds amazing!
Laurent Garnier: I Like the 3 tracks in here --VEry strong ep
Doorly: gessaffelstein is one of the rare artists that i get really excited about these days! this ep is sooo good again! keep em coming : )
Arnaud Rebotini: Gesa continue his PROONE VS EMULATOR 12 bits warefare, and sending us an other Classic 12" Thanks.
Sinden: Oh my! will be playing this to death gesaffelstein is making serious moves with this one. love they way he slowed it down
Fake Blood: I'm into Viol and OPR. Always on the lookout for killer down- / midtempo tracks. Nice...
Christian Martin: Conspiracy Origins is the one for me - HEAVY
stephan bodzin: oh yes. that's what they want.
DJ Mehdi: I'm a bit confused by these song titles, but the music is GREAT.
Terence Fixmer: Excellent Ep, it smells the leather and the sweat :)
Woody McBride / DJ ESP: Magic! Gesaf's "Selected Faces" is my most played track of the year and now this!!! Merci!!!
Perc: Solid stuff, love the intro to Viol and all of Conspiracy Origins - nice!
don rimini: love viol and opr !
Nero: ooof!
Jokers of the Scene: Perfect timing for tonight's set at Pendu Disco!
Steve Aoki: solid
Sian: goose steppin good!
Beataucue: nice

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