Solomun / Stimming - Challenge Everyday EP on Diynamic Music

Solomun / Stimming - Challenge Everyday EP

Diynamic Music [DE] | DIYNAMIC 052 - Sep. 12, 2011

Vinyl || Minimal House / Minimal Trance / Tech House / Techno

Track info

Solomun - Intro
Solomun - See You Everyday Alone
Solomun - See You Everyday Alone (Dub Version)
Stimming - Challenge The Air
Stimming - Challenge The Air (Dub Version)

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Label Boss Solomun delivers the soulful summernight jam ‘See you everyday alone’, that has a captivating bassline and a groove that makes you sweat. Epic strings and sounds of thunder and rain are leading into deep breakdowns with a dark touch. Although the track has a immediate effect the dancefloor, it will linger on in your head for a long time. Stimming’s contribution to this EP is ‘Challenge the Air’ featuring the soft vocal and Bass of David Stoltzenberg. Its a very atmospheric and intimate track. Layered guitars and baselines combined with Stimming’s signature groove account for a warm organic mood. The echoing vocal phrases underline the floating structure which gives a hypnotic touch. Although the track features a typical Stimming sound and has enough power to entertain the dancefloor, its is definitely one of Stimming’s more personal and emotive works.

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