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After their tremendously popular "Famous EP" from earlier this year - which with the Erlend Oye-sampled "Raindrops" featured one of the secret weapons of this rainy summer's festival season - Cologne's most lovely hotspurs are back with a bang! "Gravity" perfectly captures the raw energy of their live sets. Highly infective staccato basslines and a thrilling storytelling characterize this class A stomper. The flipside tracks operate on a deeper level. "Total DLY" sounds like an homage to fellow Colonian The Modernist with it's jumpy yet elegant chord patterns while the lullaby-ish "Fiction" is the perfect end-of-the-night track complete with a tender vocoder chorus and all. What sets COMA apart from most of their competition out there is their capability of creating emotive, highly recognizable music that is as much pop as it is techno. Which obviously makes them as kompakt as can be.

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